Lot Lizard

Lot Lizard

Lot Lizard is a feature documentary about truck stop sex workers in America. There are three million truck drivers and thousands of truck stops throughout the United States. Many of them ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lot Lizard is a feature documentary about truck stop sex workers in America. There are three million truck drivers and thousands of truck stops throughout the United
States. Many of them are frequented by sex workers who truck drivers refer to as lot lizards. The film follows Jennifer| a recovering sex worker who is trying to get
her life back on track| Bobby| a man struggling to come to grips with his girlfriend's livelihood| and Betty| an aging sex worker who makes no apologies for her
lifestyle. These intimate portraits hint at a broader story about America| how it deals with its 'derelicts|' and how we are implicated as consumers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (mx) wrote: had some nice quirky dilouges in it...though lost the steam a bit post interval...the ending was quite badly scripted for a comedy thriller like this and cud hd been bttr :(still,a one watch for sure :)

James D (gb) wrote: I prequel to the Statham starring "Death Race," we find Luke Goss in the lead and playing the role of the first "Frankenstein." Thrown in the same slammer as the original, what starts off as a fighting flick, ultimately turns into the death race we know from the original. Not that great of acting, in fact, poor. But, you do get saved a bit from Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, and Danny Trejo, but they aren't star studded enough to make this movie great. Definitely a "B" flick, and you should be able to stomach through it with a couple brewskis in hand, and huge bag of popcorn. Don't expect anything less than cheesiness, lame one-liners, and some poor action, but, you could enjoy it if you go in with an extremely open mind and knowing that it's just not that good. 3/5 JD

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Joyce J (nl) wrote: i just didnt like it

Samantha A (fr) wrote: lol, look at the midget!! GO MIDGET!!

Crystal L (fr) wrote: A fan of western and Sam Elliot in particular and I enjoyed the story.

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Spencer S (us) wrote: A sweet bit of nostalgia tugging on your memory, Diner is less about the dramatic turns of a group of friends, and more about a simpler time when most people knew Frank Sinatra as Old Blue Eyes, and the diner was a happenin' joint. This film only exists to wax nostalgia about the fifties, and though some trivial issues are brought to light it isn't a commentary on the times or a story that has any kind of real climax. The group of friends are interesting at first, as they each have unique personalities, slights of hand, and problems that seem momentous even today, but their storylines don't go anywhere. The one marriage of the group is troubled thanks to the fact that they married young, and the way each handles the impending loneliness was interesting, but there wasn't much conclusion. The new marriage that is just beginning doesn't seem to matter so much as being a setting to further the plot. Even Fenwick (Bacon), who is by far the most interesting character, is left without much screen time. He simply plays a practical joke, shows his intelligence, vulnerability, and eccentricities (maybe a form of psychosis) and disappears from the film altogether to make room for more boring scenes that aren't strung together. If this was a film about character studies, or an actor's film I would understand not having a plot, but the characters aren't developed enough for us to care about them. This was done so much better in American Graffiti, with its long, episodic sequences and significant buildup. Here, though slightly enjoyable as it is a "slice of life" film about an innocent time to most viewers, it does fall flat on occasion. It's saved most times by Mickey Rourke, who plasters another cocky grin on his face and steals most of the scenes with his charismatic flair and debonair, nearly grungy, appeal. The rest of the cast is exceptional when they're given decent scenes to work with, but otherwise this didn't floor me or make for a feel good experience.