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Jason T (ca) wrote: Boseman gives an amazing performance as James Brown. This Biopic features some great musical numbers and plenty of music to satisfy fans. Everything else though is your typical biopic stuff. Few surprises and the films drags in some of these scenes. Less talk more funk!

Silvia B (de) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie. Schreiber and Tripplehorn were incredible. The script, casting, just everything superb.

Andy S (gb) wrote: I guess i should have realised it could'nt be as good as the first... a good attempt, this time taking the story back "home" Unfortunately its very short on laughs and way too stereotypical to be taken serious.Shame!

Toshie U (fr) wrote: don't know why but I just love it no matter what

Rami B (ag) wrote: this is an acquired taste of comedy, but for those of us who followed since Airplane... it's no different... just silly laughs and spoofs... :D

Kirby P (gb) wrote: Excellent movie. This is one of those twisty plots that makes you want to watch it a second time to see what you missed the first time.

Lillian A (nl) wrote: OMG!!! I saw this movie over and over again in my childhood and I try so hard to find it after, and here it is! yei!

Stuart K (es) wrote: Hammer complete their The Karnstein Trilogy with this one, which was based on characters from the book Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. The film followed The Vampire Lovers (1970) and Lust for a Vampire (1971), and completed the set. It's a bit cheesy and laughable in places, but it ticks all the boxes with what you would expect from a Hammer Horror. It has recently orphaned twins Maria and Frieda (played by Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeleine Collinson), who move from Venice to the small German town of Karnstein, to live with their strict puritan uncle Gustav Weill (Peter Cushing), who with his posse of fellow puritans go around burning women accused of witchcraft and satanism, even though they have no evidence. Frieda, the more impulsive of the two twins wants to go to the nearby Castle Karnstein to see the mysterious Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas), who just happens to be a vampire, after he brought Countess Mircalla Karnstein (Katya Wyeth) back from the grave. It's a good little film, with some good moments of horror, the sets are well built and you can't believe there were puritan brotherhoods that did stuff like this back then, with them around, it makes it seem better to be a vampire.

Scott R (us) wrote: Noir drama with a psycho murderer.

Oscar H (mx) wrote: Handen p hjrtat ganska seg, men en film dr en gammal nazist tar ver hjrnorna p folk och anvnder dem till att g p nackknckarrond r givetvis inte rakt igenom dlig.

jessica l (nl) wrote: i've heard terrible reviews but i still want to see it.

Rangan R (de) wrote: People can change, but for some it is too late!It's a wonderful cast and not a bad production either, so I enjoyed the watch, but did not like the film much. The reason is I had seen a few similar flicks which are much better than this in every way. A school kid and his single parents' struggling relationship and their strange neighbour, so it is the concept I'm familiar with, but the story was a bit different. There are a few good scenes in it, but the most of the parts were dominated by the only the nice events like happily ever after kind of stuffs right from the beginning.The title role was played by Mickey Rourke, but it was Nat Wolff's film. The narration should have been much better, I mean it should have had more complicated segments. I even don't know how it got the R rating. The writing and the direction, both should have been a bit bolder. There are some people who liked it a lot and defending it, but I'm neutral. To me it was 50-50, I neither liked nor disliked. But all I wanted was a bit better than this, so I can't judge it for other. I hope you make a right decision on this if you plan to watch it.5/10