Lotte reis lõunamaale

Lotte reis lõunamaale


Little bird Pippo fell behind the flock of birds. Lotte decides to go after a flock to take Pippo to relatives. Together with her dad Oscar, inventor, who has just invented a flying machine, and old traveler Klaus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank L (es) wrote: Why did I watch this.

Jed D (es) wrote: "Ominously, devine!" An intelligent, well written, masterpiece! Alien Raiders, completely took me by surprise and kept my attention, from begining to end. Thumbs up!

Daniel M (jp) wrote: Seeing unsuccessful low budget horror movies just make you appreciate the successful ones more

Daniel D (au) wrote: Uma cobra gigante cai nacidade... e uns caipiras vo enfrenta-la... filme fraco com final horrvel!

MEC r (br) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Daniel L (au) wrote: Disappointing ending aside, its a fun and original film.

Johnny H (nl) wrote: This is worth seeing. It is a good movie with good enough production values and lovable characters. The only problem is that it's far too serious to be a comedy.

I AM A 9TH WARD GIRL (kr) wrote: bill u are a true player

ruban d (au) wrote: a socially conscious theme and a quick pace make the movie well worth watching.Mani has wrapped the bitter facts in chocolate. All the songs and the love story are exhausted by the intermission and you have an inkling it is going to be serious stuff thereafter. The movie sticks to the theme and runs like a powerful, frank documentary in the second half. You can see that the director has carefully balanced the Hindu and Muslim atrocities. They happen in a meticulously alternated sequence! The movie ends abruptly, (censor?) and you half-expect a card saying "Mera Bharat Mahaan"!

Patric C (mx) wrote: An interesting film that makes use of recurring themes. As such, the ending is no surprise. Also, the only character we really know anything about is dead. But the visuals are good, alongside the atmosphere and setting. Despite it's shortcomings, I enjoyed it.

Brad B (mx) wrote: This isn't the usual Eastwood, even though he is a Cop. He is a single parent who loves dogs and chews gum. He loves his woman, and I'm not exactly sure who watches over the kids when he is constantly out stalking a seriel killer/rapist who has the same tendacies as him. He ends up falling for a less attractive psycholigist who helps rape victims. As Eastwood gets closer to figuring out who this seriel killer is (it is known to be a Cop). They find that some of the victims are woman Detective Block(Eastwood) knows. I really enjoyed this movie. It was Eastwood as I havn't seen him before and had a really nice plot line. I cared about Detective Block and his family and really wanted this killer to be caught or killed. The ending satisfied me as well. I recommend watching this flick, especially if you are an Eastwood fan who hasn't seen it.

Shawn S (ag) wrote: Low budget leads to terrible effects with a poor script and worse acting.