Lotto Land

Lotto Land

This film tells two interwoven stories of two single-parent families in a poor, racially-mixed neighborhood in Brooklyn. The first story is about a young black man (with aspirations of getting away from his friends who are involved in drugs) who falls in love with a latino girl (who is heading off to college on a full scholarship). The second is about their parents, (she works in the neighborhood liquor store; he works for the phone company). The story takes place against the backdrop of a winning lottery ticket worth $27 million being sold to someone in the neighborhood from the liquor store.

This film tells two interwoven stories of two single-parent families in a poor, racially-mixed neighborhood in Brooklyn. The first story is about a young black man (with aspirations of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan J (jp) wrote: Bore fest. Bad acting, terrible lighting, and more bad acting. Super low budget, but even knowing that, it was nearly unwatchable.

Arjun D (nl) wrote: A nice romantic-comedy film. Good from a debutant director...

Michele P (br) wrote: Continui pugni nello stomaco dati con violenza e precisione allo spettatore fino alle ultime scene. Lascia una speranza finale. Ottime attrici, tranne Mariah Carey .

Eber N (ca) wrote: I was ten years old and was with most of my family: my uncle, my mother and aunt in a multiplex cinema and asked me who I wanted to see, as I had no idea watched the undercard hoping to find a movie that I really call attention to something it was neither gore, or drama, or abusive, or anything that could traumatize me, until I saw the poster of "Get Shorty" which saw the four main characters dressed in black with sunglasses and did not know what was the movie, until I saw Danny DeVito in the middle that made me remember how much I liked his interpretation of the Penguin in "Batman Returns", so I chose that and we hoping that have made a good choice.When projected gradually he saw that he had no bad side but from the moment in which John Travolta punches him in the nose Dennis Farina to "borrow" his jacket I knew I picked the right one and that it was a comedy of black cinema and film within a film, with adult themes of whom did not understand much but anyway I liked despite being somewhat loose, as it moved the film had good scenes, good story, great music , good successfully performed and even good characters as the mobster Ray "Bones" Barboni (Dennis Farina) that made us laugh even a scumbag, the antihero debt collector and movie lover Chili Palmer (John Travolta), mediocre producer Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman) who tries to carry out a commercial project than from Serie B, actress Karen Flores (Rene Russo) arta of being typecast in roles of screaming damsel in distress, movie star Martin wear (Danny DeVito) a sort of Dustin Hoffman giving class to the film despite their short appearances, the bully botched Bo Catlett (Delroy Lindo), the stuntman Bear (James Gandolfini) sick of working for a garbage like Bo and the defaulter Leo Devoe (David Paymer) that caualmente pretended to have died in a plane crash to avoid paying a debt to "Bones", they are all great in one of the best comedies ever filmed and out of the room was satisfied with the choice.

Mike R (ru) wrote: I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this but it was amazingly good. Not quite 'Amadeus' but worth seeing.

Thomas P (es) wrote: Superlative Americana period-piece moviemaking. Heart-felt throughout - quietly shocking in its normalcy. A fresh take on a surprisingly simple story. This. Is. Brilliant. It will move you in it's quiet complexities of emotion and character authenticity, and for me, spiritual transcendence thru to the awe-inspiring final communion. I think this is what the meandering film Tree Of Life wished it could be. And Tyler Perry has been trying to convey - but evidently missing - a truly redemptive church service like the one here.I can't express enough the subtle power that is here. Some will overlook the greatness bc of the quietness of its strength, but those who are thoughtful and considerate will be overwhelmingly touched and gratified. On reflection of the stories' ups and downs, there is a reality of hard country living that shines thru in the kindnesses and hard-fought triumphs that are portrayed by Sally Fields's well deserved Oscar-winning turn here. *This is no minor family drama* - don't be fooled by the mismatched reviewers.It touches on these themes: the impact of a meaningless death, grief, racism, all-too-common adult bullying, adultery, betrayal, lost love,manipulation by unjust bankers n businessmen, but also justice, tenacity, the power of deep love, reconciliation, and in the finale - the power of forgiveness and ultimate redemption. If you let it, this movie will overpower you with its gentle graces, just as its characters triumph over their adversities. Let it in. Be changed for the better. It absolutely bears repeat viewings.Based on the stories and youthful memories of Director Benton in his Texan small-town.A perfect movie - 5/5.

Citien P (br) wrote: Seemingly one of Fassbinder's more accessible films.

jesse p (ru) wrote: Umberto Lenzis masterpiece and a film that inspired the cannibal gene such as Cannibal holocaust. I know Umberto Lenzi and even though I might have know him I never planed to see a film of his but then this movie caught my attention he always said it was never a cannibal film but he is right the poster really makes it seem like one. Man from deep river is inspired by an American tale called A man named horse about native Americans capturing and eventually accepting a white man for being different and he joins there tribe. This film did that same thing. A man named John Bradley and his visit to Thailand and one night he gets into a major fight and decides to flee to the jungle for a day or two so he hires a bout and heads down stream he falls asleep and awakes to see his guide dead and a tribe captures him and claims he is a spawn of the devil. John sees the most horrific stuff even a lot in this film put me off big time. Animal murders, Rapes, fights to the death, Hard core sex scenes, Extremes amount of violence, and the list goes on and on. All I can say is this movie is Fucked up big time but still very enjoyable to see the modern man defend himself agenst a group of people that have never see a white man. The acting really is amazing for a film like this I find it so hard to watch Ivan Rassimov keep his cool during some really gross scenes. The special effects are big time in this film just watching a man get his tong cut out and massacre scenes really makes me wont to know how they did such brilliant special effects. Overall a very enjoyable Italian exploitation film witch in my opinion Avatar ripped off some scenes in this film but yeah the only thing I really hated about this were the animal killings and some scenes I really shouldn?t have viewed. But my final verdict is recommended see it if you will. Even though I might know the man that directed it I won?t see any of his films it will be tough to tell him that but I am sure he will understand.

Adam T (es) wrote: Paul Newman is an endlessly resourceful prisoner with a knack for escaping and being caught just as easily. His ingenuity continually tricks his superiors into thinking that he has been successfully rehabilitated. The car-washing scene is a must see!

Rick Q (br) wrote: with all the talent this film carries, it's never better than mediocre, and at parts is even quite boring.

Ariel V (it) wrote: Dance With Wolves is Epic,Beautiful and resonant.Costner makes his directional debut with bravura.

Matthew Y (br) wrote: Despite the stellar cast, the film was rather piecemeal, a not-quite-there thriller about the uncovering of a radicalist group 30 years after a bank heist resulted in the death of a cop...