• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:loneliness,  

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Bindu C (br) wrote: Bobby Jasoos, a film by Samar Shaikh, could have been another Vidya Balan hit with the very novel concept of a female detective, a very unconventional profession for a female to be in, but something is amiss which hasn't worked in its favour. Post 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Kahaani', Vidya Balan has set her own benchmarking level of performance quite high. Her 'Ghanchakkar' was super flop, and 'Shaadi ke Side Effects' could do only decent business. Bobby Jasoos probably faltered as far as the script is concerned; otherwise, its concept had all the elements of another blockbuster in Vidya's kitty. But yes, it is a movie, which prompts us to pursue our dreams irrespective of challenges. Bilkis Ahmed aka Bobby (Vidya Balan) is so passionate about proving her mettle as a detective against the wishes of her family. Only her mother Zebo (Supriya Pathak) supports her whereas father (Rajendra Gupta) and others at home are dead against her detective job. Her father has a conservative approach and he feels that the house shall not be run with the girl's earning. He also feels that Bobby is a disgrace to the family due to her profession. Zebo does bring smile to our face while she tries to defend Bobby and her detective activities.Bobby keeps trying her luck at G-Force detective agency in spite of facing rejections from the agency again and again. She starts her own detective agency after challenging the agency. She handles insipid cases like worried parents, suspicious spouses etc. A tea shop person Munna (Aakash Dahiya) does help her to get clients. She dons variety of looks viz. that of a beggar, palmist, bangle-seller, astrologer, peon, a TV producer etc. as part of her solving cases effortlessly. She approaches every case on the basis of her intuition and gut feeling and chooses strange paths to crack the same. Her familiarity with the streets of Mughalpura Mohalla of old Hyderabad fetches her a strange case from Anees Khan (Kiran Kumar) to find out two missing young girls with strange birthmarks, followed by search for a guy as well. She is paid hefty amount. Anees just wants Bobby to do her job without raising any question about his motive in looking out for these missing people. Bobby goes ahead following her mind and heart, but then, she starts doubting the motive of Anees behind his search for the girls. The story moves ahead from there. Indeed, suspense is maintained till the very end. Shetty (Prasad Barve), Munna, Sohail (Tejas Mahajan) act as perfect aides of Bobby Jasoos. They do add lot of comic elements to the plot. Ali Fazal as a TV anchor Tassavur Shaikh has given a very sweet performance. He is ambitious and does not want to settle down with girls of Mughalpura. And to escape from the marriage proposals brought to him by his father (Vinay Varma), he takes the help from Bobby to explore some stories about them so that he could conveniently deny those proposals. It is interesting to see Bobby and Tassavur together and how their relationship goes to the next level. There is a nice scene, where Bobby is guiding Tassavur over speaker/earphone set to speak to his father in regard to his disapproval to marry Bobby. Bobby's sister Noor (Benaf Dadachandji), Kausar Khaala (Tanvi Azmi) and Zarina Wahab as Afreen's (Afreen is Lala's love interest) Ammi have also added value to the movie through their presence. What events unfold in the lives of Bobby Jasoos? Lala (Arjan Bajwa) as a local gunda plays a significant part in the movie and what is that? Does Ali and Bobby come together? What is the motive of Anees Khan? How does Bobby explore the same? Is Bobby able to win her father's approval and love?Cinematographer Vishal Sinha has captured the hustle-bustle of Hyderabad, Charminar, the very aroma of Biriyani also very nicely. Hyderabad is reflected well through Bobby's accent. Vidya has really worked upon her Hyderabadi accent. One of her dialogue in typical accent is: "Inhi chotti chotti galiyon main teri kismat chamkengi Bobby, Bilkis Ahmed issi MughalPura main BOBBY JASOOS banke dikhayegi." Music by Shantanu Mitra is average. Although, I felt that the song "Tu Mera Afsaana..." picturized on Bobby and Tassavur with semi-classical touch is good.Bobby Jasoos, though with not so-strong script / screenplay, is watchable for Vidya, Ali, and its other cast and their performances.

Leena L (mx) wrote: Rarely one finds South-American films and when, then they are usually really impressive (except the one with sunrise in real time and no words spoken in the first 45 minutes and barely even since, during the 4 hours or eternity.....Silent light from Mexico).Gorgeous scenery, once again, gorgeous. Really need to visit those shores. Fascinating true story. Truly, history is full of fascinating little films, somebody just has to make them!

Melvin W (nl) wrote: "Manhood. The only badge that matters."Nature Calls is pretty much what you'd expect. It's a dumb comedy that doesn't really work and tries to push major themes like becoming a man. While it tries, it doesn't succeed. Basically the movie is an hour and fifteen minute exercise in how to not make jokes work. There were a few instances where something was funny, but for the most part jokes come and go without provoking even a chuckle.Randy is a boy scout leader who is about to take over for his dying father. The scouts is all Randy knows and he loves it. He doesn't like where his troop is headed though. He has a small troop that doesn't even want to be there in the first place. When his camping trip that he had planned goes down the drain after the kids decide to go to a sleepover at Randy's brother, Kirk's house; Randy decides to take the boys and set off into the woods for the camping trip he always wanted. Kirk and some goons are on his trail though.Patton Oswalt is a perfect actor for a character like this, I just wish the material was better. The movie is too short, poorly written, and horribly directed. With a better story, a better supporting cast, and a new director, this miserable movie could have been saved. As it is though, it's just another example of a failed comedy. Patton does what he can, but he doesn't have the presence to completely save a bad movie like some actors can.

Charlie M (us) wrote: Those who live in L.A. are quick to point out famous movie locations of films that didn't even exist in that city. Due to small budget many films can't travel outside of tinsel-town and have to use L.A.'s random side streets as anonymous backdrops. Other architectural landmarks double as hideouts for villainous drug lords and malevolent Japanese corporations. Being the home of Hollywood, it's the most filmed city in the world. How the city has been known over the past 80 years is more defined by movies than by realities. Here that idea is explored in every aspect from architecture to history to culture through Dragnet, Blade Runner, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Repo Man, Chinatown, and Rebel Without A Cause. This anthropological study as told by a cinephile that looks to redefine the city's image for movie lovers. It's enjoyable if you're interested in the city and if you just love film, but at a runtime of nearly 3 hours it's a bit of a haul. As a 3 part PBS miniseries I think it would have been a little more manageable. Still very intriguing and worthwhile.

Brent M (mx) wrote: Anton Corbijn's well-cast confederates so skillfully inhabit Joy Division's shoes that it's easy to forget this isn't documentary footage at times.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: The only movie in which you'll hear Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt drop the n-word... yup.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Poolhall Junkies is an indie film with some edgy comedy and clever writing. The film follows a group of hustlers at a local pool hall who end up crossing a professional pool-hustler that's out for revenge. The ensemble cast works well, creating a rich and interesting group of characters. And, there's a lot of sharp dialog that's edgy and fun. However, the film takes a while to find its direction and has a few too many side stories going on. Still, Poolhall Junkies is a fun and entertaining film that's good for some laughs.

Farron K (fr) wrote: 2/5 stars. Somehow less entertaining than the snorefest that was Man of Steel, which is quite the achievement. It's almost bad enough to be good, but there's only a few parts where it hits that level of cheese. Gene Hackman has never been a very good Luthor in my opinion, and it shows here; he lacks the kind of razor-sharp psychotic hatred of Superman and genius/autistic mentality that makes the comic and animated series ones so powerful. Superman's new enemy is played by a Dolph Lundgren ripoff with a mullet who has lines that are certainly worthy of Man of Steel's script. The effects are just hideous by modern standards (and possibly even by 1987 standards), and there are plot holes and logic errors everywhere (how do these people fly or breathe in space when accompanying Superman? How does Superman stare at the Great Wall of China and rebuild it as a result? Why does the ice queen publisher lady fall for Clark Kent in about 20 seconds? The list is endless). The only reason I could come up with for why one should watch this is either to see how far superhero movies have come since their early days, or to see Mariel Hemingway looking like every '80s boy's fantasy girl.

Chr P (br) wrote: Great chemistry between the stars, and Cary Grant can just about pull anything off . . . but the story is rather flat, and wouldn't have worked without that little bit of magic only Cary Grant can bring to a film.

Carlos Z (mx) wrote: Unique take on machine vs man in a post-apocalytic setting

Bryan W (jp) wrote: Now that I've met Shia and worked for his manager, I must admit that the appeal of this movie is growing.

Mightyman A (mx) wrote: Fantastic movie has got better with time. Possibly one of Stallone's best movies.