Louco Por Cinema

Louco Por Cinema

Movie director gets crazy while shooting a film, and goes to a mental institution. There, he leads a revolt, kidnapping a group of Human Rights activists and demanding a camera as ransom.

Movie director gets crazy while shooting a film, and goes to a mental institution. There, he leads a revolt, kidnapping a group of Human Rights activists and demanding a camera as ransom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donovan F (jp) wrote: movie about the legendary Squatch, actually got me jumpy

Gimly M (ca) wrote: Beautiful, to be sure, but Only Lovers Left Alive is under-explored and lacks conflict for all but its second act.

Steven G (ru) wrote: This is a good movie . everyone should watch and then judge it . Its real. More of a docu/drama

Josie J (kr) wrote: It's a movie I could pass the time with. It's not the best, but I enjoyed it. Would watch it again.

Margaret J (ag) wrote: looks like i might need my tissues

David U (us) wrote: I've seen elements of this film before, but nothing quite like the whole. The ending is a bit predictable, but the dark journey is full of unforeseen turns.

Kathryn R (br) wrote: This film is just as much a wake-up call about alcoholism and mental health, as it is about the environment. Mr. Strel is championed and revered for swimming the world's longest rivers, risking his life to bring attention to pollution and the destruction man causes to the environment. Yet he's also noted for regularly driving drunk in Slovenia, putting the lives of others at risk, while no one bats an eye, and police let him go without consequence. Go figure.

Mohd S (jp) wrote: I'm a Saw fan franchise.

Kevin L (jp) wrote: ( in the united kingdom this is A.K.A this is war! ) A great documentry and journey of an America Marine on the front line at the begining of the iraq war (round 2)

Ken S (es) wrote: Wayne Coyne, the front man and leader of the alternative rock group The Flaming Lips, directs and stars (along with his fellow bandmates and other friends) in this experimental, sci-fi/fantasy, 50s Sc-Fi Homage, semi-Christmas tale. On Christmas Eve on a base on Mars, many of the Crew are starting to lose their grasp on reality...as equipment is failing and the first baby on Mars is on the verge of being born...its a stressful time when the Alien Super Being arrives to help things just a little. It is an interesting movie, sometimes it is better than other times...but if you are a fan of the band or experimental stuff like David Lynch, you may find something charming about this DIY movie made over the course of 8 years.

Guido S (de) wrote: I remember liking this when it first came out, but watching it again, boy does it not hold up. It tried to be edgy with its off center shooting, shaky cam, and uneven photography, but here it feels like amateur filmmaking instead of bringing you into the experience. Not to mention the plot wears thin very quickly and this isn't a long movie. Just not a good film.

JeanFranois L (au) wrote: Certainement le meilleur ducumentaire que j'ai vu sur le cinma d'horreur. On se pose beaucoup de questions la suite du visionnement.

Robert L (it) wrote: LOVE IT! Since my bro and I made it! This flick has become a cult film and I am proud to say it is one of the first CyberPunk films!

jonathan b (ag) wrote: I had not seen the previous two films and I seriously wished I had...or even just paid attention in history class or something. I had little idea of what was happening politically in Poland during WW2, I did get up to speed but perhaps didn't need to know the specifics as this film could be about any uprising or civil war. The reason I say that is partially a result of the plot being based on the decisions of one man, in life and in love. Zbigniew Cybulski did a great job as the formerly cool and calculating assassin. Eva Krzyewska was very gorgeous (good job Poland) and it was easy to see how she could tame even the most savage of beasts. Her performance was really natural, just her facial expressions alone conveyed a lot. This is not an action film or perhaps even a thriller. It's a drama. Though there were a few humorous parts. The cinematography was excellent. Really, some beautiful and memorable shots all in lit amazingly, black and white goooodness. Thats probably what elevated this film to a high degree. It's treated really as a piece of art in places (the ending as well). Overall, it's a film with a strong anti-war/anti-politics message with some superb shots, and slightly depressing story presented with a real handle on metaphor and beauty.

michael b (fr) wrote: Saturday double feature style

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: It seems they will be meeting Bigfoot at some point they have met every monster by now. Average film though with a few laughs

Aj V (es) wrote: Good actors, but extremely boring and long!

Alyssa C (jp) wrote: It starts off slow, but this old murder comedy/mystery eventually gets hilarious. The humor is the type of silly, straightforward humor that's been missing from comedies for years.

Leena L (nl) wrote: Drama. Strict moral code and more drama. Love. Misery and Death. Brilliant in its own genre and it all ends in the foggy Waterloo Bridge, where it started.

Rick L (ca) wrote: Great flick. Long over 3hrs but still top story.