Architect Ronald Reagan and wife Ruth Hussey invite his widowed mother (Spring Byington) to move in with them, only to discover the sweet elderly lady is romantically involved with what seems to be every old coot in town. This breezy 1950 comedy, directed by Alexander Hall, also features Charles Coburn, Edmund Gwenn, Piper Laurie, Scotty Beckett and Connie Gilchrist.

To her family's discomfiture, grandmother Louisa starts dating two men...a grocer and her son's boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tor M (jp) wrote: A lovely shot film with some gruesome scenes. We follw a young man in Mexico who takes care of his 12 year old sister. She is in a realtionship with an older guy that get's mixed up in some druggy business. Things get tight and things get's ugly.Lovely paced, interesting and slowly grinding. The one song featured is super cool. It let me off my toes after a while and flattens out a bit. That's sad since this is really a great story beneath all the grimmness. The atmosphere reminds me a lot of the Chilean film "To Kill A Man". This film is grittier but just as good.7 out of 10 girl curls.

Crystal M (us) wrote: Made me laugh and cry. Just the kind of film I love.

WS W (de) wrote: People inside-out related to this film looked all stoned. Let's do the bongos with McConaughey!

Bjorn O (jp) wrote: Det tar mig ver en timme att inse att jag redan sett den hr dokumentren fr ngra r sedan, men det gr ingenting, Det hr r vldigt underhllande + Hur kunde jag glmt att New York Dolls var s jvla bra?.

Andrea R (de) wrote: Killer opening, which was set - BTW - on my actual trainline! The pace was tight enough to keep me watching on the edge of my seat through to the blah ending.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Its editing is a little to erratic but Narc overcomes this flaw thanks to its excellent performances, well written screenplay and well done twists in its plot.

Reece L (ru) wrote: It's easy to throw around superlatives like "riveting" when referring to films that provoke a significant response from a viewer, but it's not at all excessive to refer to Woman in the Dunes as such. Although the bulk of the film takes place in a hole, Teshigahara manages to find an incredible amount of visually stunning images in the supremely limited environment, these images supported by a great, unsettling score that plays up the film's science-fiction elements.Woman in the Dunes is, first and foremost, a simple and powerful indictment of systemic inequality, the premise involving a woman trapped in a hole, endlessly shoveling sand for the sake of the larger system a perfect encapsulation of what it's like to live at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. No matter how hard she tries, she can't climb up the loose walls of sand. If she doesn't keep working, her house will be buried by it. When a man is added to the mix, the oppression of women also comes into play. The two live together in the dirt, clinging to one another out of desperation, and begin to believe that they belong where they are, their work providing them with a purpose. Their "superiors" give them just enough to survive, as well as opiates like alcohol and cigarettes to keep them complacent. They use them as a source of amusement as well as a source of income. Although the pair gains a further understanding of their environment that makes living bearable, escape is almost never possible. While it's certainly possible to read these developments as a commentary on the futility of human existence, it proves much more rewarding to view the film as a social satire instead; either way, it's an undeniable masterpiece.

Michael M (us) wrote: Chris Rock finally makes a comedy that has his distinct voice all over it.