Love 3000

Love 3000

Sam is a 23 year Old economy student, who one day decides to leave school and move back to his hometown in the north of Sweden. His best friends, Alex and Krister, tries to stop him, but ...

Sam is a 23 year Old economy student, who one day decides to leave school and move back to his hometown in the north of Sweden. His best friends, Alex and Krister, tries to stop him, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin F (ca) wrote: This is the best movie that has come from Alex Kendrick due to a strong focus on character, exciting action scenes, and a beautiful and applicable message for fathers.

Kenny V (it) wrote: Vanity project for porn-stached Trans Am driving Whitney Smith. If your're going to make a movie about Halston then focus on Halston, not yourself. Who wants to watch you interview your mother about you?

Andy D (us) wrote: Director Pedro Almodovar dispenses with his famous romantically charged film-making, and instead delves into the realm of the psychological thriller. The result is a beautifully crafted, yet chilling piece of work that explores insanity, obsession and lust.A slow-burner, this had me gripped by the end. Antonio Banderas is excellent, as are all the cast. This is best watched if you know nothing about it. Highly recommended!

Thomas W (de) wrote: Digan lo que digan... a mi me encanta esta pelicula. Se me hace entretenida y la presencia de Cecilia Roth inigualable.

Baurushan J (es) wrote: The legendary director of Piranha, Gremlins and one of my favourites, Explorers; director Joe Dante directs this action movie for the elderly kids who are obviously into dolls titled Small Soldiers. The story is about CEO Gil Mars played by Denis Leary who gives the green light opportunity to Larry played by Jay Mohr and Irwin played by David Cross to create a new line of action figures by making them more realistic so that whenever toy owners play with them, the toys can play with the owners back in retaliation. Back in Ohio, toy store owner Stuart played by Kevin Dunn and his son Alan played by Gregory Smith are failing in their business so when truckdriver Joe played by Dick Miller delivers the toys from the company Heartland Play System, Alan is convinced, they will make a little money until the toys break free including the Commandos led by Chip Hazard voiced by Tommy Lee Jones and the Gorgonites led by Archer voiced by Frank Langella. Archer soon begins to communicate with Alan as the Commandos then escape and hatch a plan to take over the world. A lot of people found this movie to be uninteresting and boring but thanks to a huge cast and the legendary work of the late Stan Winston who combined all animatronics, puppetry and computer animation in one, this movie is made enjoyable and overall, a good action film for kids. Small Soldiers gets a 8/10.

(br) wrote: Cute movie. Laurel Holloman is cute as a tomboy, it's crazy that she was around 24 when they filmed this.

Martin T (gb) wrote: Humorless, dull members of a privileged class of artistic types who are impossibly perceptive and introspective. This works for the lead character, Stephane (Daniel Auteuil), who is supposed to be an empty shell of a man. But why is everyone else so fucking boring? Even Emmanuelle Beart only gets worked up for about 5 minutes. It's all so stuffy and so damn "French" that it's almost a parody. I don't want to get all hyperbolic and say it's a piece of shit... the performances are fine (given the restraint), it's nicely shot, the music is lovely and there are some interesting subtleties. But there's really nothing special about it, I had nothing to latch on to. You could practically toss out the first hour and not lose much.

Kris W (mx) wrote: "She can't fool all the fans all of the time ..." "These Girls Created Themselves" Diane Lane and Laura Dern play punk girls in their own band that has a minute of success. Ray Winstone is the lead singer of a British punk band, backed by the Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook on guitar and drums, and The Clash's Paul Simonon on bass. The lead singer of The Tubes also appears as the frontman of a band. Good soundtrack too. Diane Lane was 17 and Laura Dern eas only 15 when it was released, and it was released about 2 years after it was filmed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Corinne Burns: I'm perfect! But nobody in this shithole gets me, because I don't put out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corinne Burns: Corinne's not my name. Harley Dennis: What is it? Corinne Burns: It's Third Degree Burns. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy: You're an advert. You're a commercial. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave Robell: What you were was a concept and you've blown the concept. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corinne Burns: Every girl should be given an electric guitar on her 16th birthday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corinne Burns: He was an old man in a young girl's world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lawnboy: Everybody wanna to go to Heaven, but nobody wanna die. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corinne Burns: Corinne: You're so jealous of me. I'm everything you ever wanted to be! Billy: A cunt! Corinne Burns: Exactly.

Shawn W (br) wrote: Instead of doing an autopsy, scientists successfully bring back to life an over 400 years dead Samurai warrior whose body was frozen. Trouble ensues when the Samurai leaves the lab. Best parts here is the Samurai slicing and dicing street thugs.