Love - a musical about life

Love - a musical about life


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Love - a musical about life torrent reviews

Doug B (fr) wrote: Must see for a baseball fan. Puts hard work in perspective!

Andrea M (mx) wrote: In Entre les murs (The Class), Begaudeau serves up a 2 hour serving of gritty school dynamics, realistic acting, comedy and tragedy. There are few films which can truly capture the essence of a ZEP-like college in France, and all the actors here do it splendidly.

Schati C (gb) wrote: Probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen, even within its category of low-budget zombie flicks. Truly awful writing and acting, and a dumbass storyline, with an incredible lack of logic. Really appreciated the gratuitous porn star monologues. Speaking of porn stars, I swear every female in this has been in at least softcore. Really bad softcore.

Mike B (au) wrote: One of the most boring films I have ever tried to make it through. Failed.

SarahElisabeth B (ca) wrote: This is a nifty little Sci-fi film that has been overlooked by many.

bill s (de) wrote: This witty little fable is fun for kids and the kid in all of us.

Lucas D (gb) wrote: Yep. Good stuff. Most will find it slow and odd -I sure did- but it's also a keen delving into certain, marital, sexual...and it doesn't disappoint intellectually. So if you have the patience, and are into indie, go for it.

Jens T (us) wrote: It's only a good movie, no a great movie. It's some times to safe and weak film, that features to many themes, it would be better on focus on only one theme, like how to get to america.

bill s (ag) wrote: An underrated Carpenter horror flick....the over the top 80's feel only works in it's favor.

Hannah D (ca) wrote: There were some rather funny scenes in this comedy about an intelligent man with an extra-large nose who has to compete with a handsome-but-dim man for the affections of a pretty young lady. My favourite scene like many people's, I suspect, is the one in which he is challenged to tell 20 nose jokes in the pub. And even when the comedy is thin on the ground, as a drama it holds up pretty well, too.

Jonathan C (de) wrote: This film really, really tries to give us a unique Alien experience but fails due to cliches and a boring plot. Props to the cast and their off-beat characters.