Love Always, Carolyn

Love Always, Carolyn

Documentary about Carolyn Cassady, her life and marriage to Neal Cassady, her relationship with Jack Kerouac and how she takes care of the literary legacy from both.

Documentary about Carolyn Cassady, her life and marriage to Neal Cassady, her relationship with Jack Kerouac and how she takes care of the literary legacy from both. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (br) wrote: Netflix 7/5/14 A sad story that really conveys the pressure and difficulty living in that area of the world can bring. This was a really good and compelling movie.

Kelly K (kr) wrote: A cool little movie about four best friends revisiting their pasts as they get ready for their very unsure, and complicated futures.

Fraser H (au) wrote: A very good account of the resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris, and it doesn't flinch from mentioning the large number of French people who collaborated with the Germans.

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Patrik T (au) wrote: Excellent Ealing comedy shot the same year as my favourite: Whisky galore. The story is great and the acting too but it is not as anarchistic and seductive as Whisky galore. Still worth watching.

Julia L (gb) wrote: This movie is a fictional reconstruction of a short period in the life of Baker, during the 60s. Starting with Chet in an Italian jail in 1966, the story quickly moves to New York, where Chet is invited to play himself in a documentary about his life. Then follows one of the most amazing scenes I ever saw.Opening as a black & white flashback, we see a young Chet in 1954, playing very cool in Birdland, with Miles Davis and Dizzie Gillespie in the audience. In the backstage we see what should be Baker's initiation to heroin, but we discover that the scene is actually part of the documentary.Brilliant film-making is made by such scenes conveying all the magic of cinema. The story continues with Chet trying to rebuild his "career" with a help of a female artist, unfortunate enough to be attracted by his relatively good looks and melancholic charm. The pair moves from New York to California, where Chet swear to be clean and ready to play some serious jazz.Unfortunately, Chet was the master of all junkies, unreliable, selfish and self-destructive. His girlfriend wisely dumps him and off he goes to enjoy the company of heroin until the day he died.I am not a jazz fan and never heard any of the music Baker played, so I cannot comment about the remarks about the music not being good enough or even detrimental to the movie. For me it was a very well written and executed film, with a solid plot and good performances.PS: as far as "blackening the reputation" of Baker... I never understood why junkie musicians should be idolized. The history of contemporary music is paved with unpleasant, self-destructive characters who had exceptional musical skills. Egotism does not make them any less talented, but certainly does not add to their charm. If you want to see what years of heroin addiction do to the body, just check the photos of Chet from his early 20s until the end of his life. The crevasses on his face mirrors the destruction of his internal organs....