Love and Dance

Love and Dance

Hania (Izabella Miko) is a young journalist who suddenly discovers that she is more connected with dancing than she could ever imagine ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Polish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,  

Hania (Izabella Miko) is a young journalist who suddenly discovers that she is more connected with dancing than she could ever imagine ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (nl) wrote: It wasn't all that bad it had some super spooky shot's and scary moment's it's by no means a very good film but it was better than i expected,I say RENT IT!!!

Anonymous 2 (kr) wrote: What to say about this movie. It's just amazing the characters are great, story, great action, humor and it takes a lot from Steven Spielbergs great other movies (E.T. Etc.) and it's a great summer movie. Over all it was awesome and I loved it

Ian P (au) wrote: I think this is the best Pinoy comedy film made last year of Summer 2010. Every scene is funny and hilarious, though the story can be judged as shallow and rip-off from other films nonetheless, comic performances of Eugune Domingo, John Lapus and surprisingly Angelica Panganiban (who has a talent in comic acting) made it satisfying to watch and will guarantee you to laugh all out. The last scene/epilogue is funnier and unforgettable comic scene too.

Vaughan M (us) wrote: Christina Ricci is so hot, that if she were replaced by an average-looking chick, this would be the worst movie of all time. I have to admit I had a few laughs though.

Paul E (us) wrote: Stiller plays an extremely unlikable character who just got out of a mental hospital. I found this film a bit of an ordeal to watch. With few exceptions, everyone's a whiny crybaby. Not fun to watch.

Don S (gb) wrote: This movie had so much potential - two amazing actors and a tense, racially charged plot idea. And it opens with a super tense beginning! But, it falls apart quickly. Samuel Jackson's detective character is completely inept in all areas of detective work, especially securing the suspect. And as awesome as Julianne Moore is, her character is really lame and the dialogue she is given is extremely difficult to understand. I was bummed that I watched this, but even more bummed that two great actors were wasted so thoroughly. Still, Samuel L.'s glassed were cool...

Joey M (gb) wrote: I much more subjective venture than the first film. Regardless, this is a really strange and informative look into this unbelievable case. It frustrates the viewer more and shows the inequities into the case.

Ricardo A (it) wrote: Whenever you listen or read Wim Wenders talking about this movie, he just needs to apologize for it. I was very curious about it so I saw it, and understood what he meant completely.

Afal S (fr) wrote: Wilder showing how out-of-touch he was, a 1940's screwball thriller that looks like its been turned in over a weekend on a Z-List Hollywood backlot- there are a couple of jokes between the old hands (ie Matthau and Lemmon), and Kinski turns in a pretty normal performance for once. Not terrible...just past its sell-by-date.

Martin T (jp) wrote: An entertaining cat-and-mouse game with some very nice expressionist flourishes. I'd have to say that it doesn't have the epic sweep to justify its 4 1/2 hour running time, but it can safely be viewed at a faster speed without missing any nuances. Also there's a kind of Looney Tunes concept of hypnotism here, but willing suspension of disbelief and all that. The opening scene involves a scheme remarkably similar to the one seen 60 years later in Trading Places.

David L (ru) wrote: Not a lot to credit this film for in all honesty. It has taken a storyline that has been utilised on many occasions before, and not added anything we hadn't already seen. In fact, it's probably given us much less! There's no real setting of the scene, we begin the film with a girl leaving a bar in a semi toxicated state before driving home to bed. Somehow, she manages to crash into a stranger and impale him on the front of her bumper without realising, just as we all often do on our way home from work or a night out. Only midway through the morning does she later discover this when she hears noises coming from her garage, but rather than call for help, she decides to batter him with a golf club and bury him in a nearby bit of woodland. The realism just gets better - despite colliding with a 60mph jeep, being battered by golf clubs, and losing gallons of blood, the killer somehow remains alive and sets about getting his revenge in a cat and mouse chase to the death. Apart from some semi gory moments and the odd scare, there is no substance to this film. There are very few characters involved and the movie suffers from a lack of flow between scenes. It simply looks like clips have been cut and pasted in any old fashion to try and piece together a half decent spectacle. Clearly it's a very low budget film, but pretty much the lowest of the low - Arguably not even worth the 2.50 I paid for it! It's probably more worthwhile using this film as an advertising campaign against drink driving, rather than a form of entertainment.