Love and Energy

Love and Energy

In the future, the world's oil supply has finally been exhausted, causing a massive enery crisis. In a search for alternative sources of energy, a scientist invents a machine that can ...

In the future, the world's oil supply has finally been exhausted, causing a massive enery crisis. In a search for alternative sources of energy, a scientist invents a machine that can ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni S (us) wrote: Good good fun even if it's not likely to become a comedy classic anytime soon.

Emmanuel F (mx) wrote: Interesting cop story with romantic twist.

Jessica H (es) wrote: an attempt to change fate in more ways then one by being a cult hit. unfornunatly it stinks of average slasher films. however if it is a slasher film that you want,then you are in for a little surprise.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Definitely not as good as Game Change.

Justin L (br) wrote: Honestly Was and Okay Movie. I would have gave it 3 Stars but how they got the villain to change sides. The ending sucked but the movie was a brilliant idea for a movie. So I give it 2 stars

Aaron R (ca) wrote: Great film and the effects are just simply amazing if you ask me.

Cameron J (ca) wrote: More power to the film for its refreshing premise, fine performance from Norton, of course and having Evan Rachel Wood (that actually doesn't affect the quality of the film, but it's still nice) to make an attempt at raising the film above its lack of development, unlikeable young characters, (surprise, surprise) poor soundtrack, melodrama, character behavior exaggerations, inconsistant character focus, occasional weak dialogue, lengthy sequences, forced theme and character changes, rushed ending and being dull. Still, the pros can't prevent "Down in the Valley" from remaining a very underwhelming and totally inconsistant use of potential. Man, I sure do dread griping about a movie with my man Eddy. Well, at least it's not as awkward as my opinions on "Joe Versus the Volcano" and "The Da Vinci Code". Sorry again Tom.

Jeramie K (mx) wrote: The film and as an extension, Liam Neeson, did justice to the often times complicated, isolated, and obsessed researcher that was Dr. Kinsey while still, overall, portraying him in a positive light. The film has received its fair amount of criticism on that note. Sometimes it pays off to play it safe, but on a biopic featuring a man of this stature and a topic of this variety -- safe is the last thing you want your film to portray. They could have worked a lot harder developing and discussing the relationships that Kinsey made throughout his life. The film did a nice job in regard to the relationship between he and his wife -- but relationships between he and his colleagues / project staff and more importantly the relationship between he and his father were not on point or missing entirely.It would have been more fascinating for the film to spend more time on the beginning of his life. Pondering how he grew and why he focused on sexual behavior. And to some extent -- explain his own obsessive and secluded behavior. If anything, it seems like that very backdrop would have set up the rest of the film beautifully and allowed for it to walk the line of safe and dangerous much more closely than it did.Alfred Kinsey by all accounts began this new cultural fascination with openness toward sex and sexual behavior and overall, Bill Condon made a more than acceptable film.

Yvonne B (gb) wrote: Love this movie but can't find it

Marcus H (ag) wrote: A very well done character study. It intimately follows the lives of a middle-class family for a year through all of their ups and downs. Every character has a unique voice and their individual stories are as carefully told as each shot and situation are carefully executed. A very beautiful movie in many ways.

Wendy V (ru) wrote: Really? Are you kidding me?

Shib Shankar S (es) wrote: You will find very few such films showing such a bleak picture of childhood. It is going to hit you hard and you are not going to forget it if you really have the feeling for it. The childhood is sensitive, undecided and misled. It is finding no support in the hapless social circumstance. I also felt that it is about the yearning for freedom, specifically I loved the scene where the balloon carries the mouse out. James also looks for this freedom, from the destitute society, and maybe even from his own sense of guilt. The ending is possibly the most heart-breaking it could be. It is a film hard to watch, but a lot harder to forget. It is a gem of coming of age cinema.

Jaws N (gb) wrote: Simultaneously one of the worst and best films I've ever seen in my life. It astonishes me how Leprechaun just gets worse and worse even though they set the bar so low every time, it really is quite awe-inspiring to see in action.

Swee P (de) wrote: Just a hillarious movie to watch whenever one is free or bored or a big fan of Takeshi Kaneshiro :-D

Dean M (de) wrote: This modern retelling of the Cinderella fable isn't much of a star vehicle for Ally Sheedy, who's constantly upstaged by the supporting players.

Jim M (us) wrote: When I saw it I thought they over did one aspect. Almost everyone in the film looked like that miserable hobo Festus Hagen from Gunsmoke

Milena S (us) wrote: Interesting movie with a creative idea. It felt a little boring and confusing at the start, but later took a sharp turn and kept me interested. Most of the movie was torture, so if you like torture movies you will love this. The end was horrifying, and you can have your own take on it's meaning. Other than a few holes in logic, there aren't many flaws I can think of.