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Love and Honor


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Ken S (de) wrote: Jim Jarmusch's latest film is a methodical slice of life showing the week in a life of bus driver that writes poetry, and his daily routine. It kinda feels throughout like something big is about to happen, as movies tend to have, but really just ends up being an average week in the life of an everyday guy, with a few bits thrown in here and there that stray from his daily routine. It probably sounds boring, and to many it probably would be, but I found it to be quite a good watch.

Matthew R (ru) wrote: not a bad movie I was getting a bit annoyed in some of it because christian bale was mumbling in some of it

Silvestre S (kr) wrote: The lowest you can get with a movie;Disaster "Movie" is a waste of time,money,and oxygen

Viktor N (jp) wrote: When Rayne finally gets to kill nazis it's totally out of context.. If Mr Boll could get something right sometime.. But still, it's Rayne, it's Natassia.. so it was worth watching.

Kenya P (mx) wrote: this movie cracks me up!! i love that it was funny but you could totally tell that certain things were going to happen...

Duygulp D (br) wrote: It's really a good movie,one of my favorites,the dosage and acceleration of tension seemed to me almost perfect during the film and the idea of using 'lemmings' into a film such in that way is really wisely.I'm not usually satisfied with the ends of movies and so with this,but it's ok anyway.

Coco M (au) wrote: It was interesting to see a film about Versailles actually in FRENCH, not the warmed-over English versions that are so common. Interesting look at the priorities of the nobility. Overall worth your while if pre-revolutionary France is your thing.

Donald H (kr) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Rory P (de) wrote: Worth a look. Pretty good.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: A funny, goofy movie.

Bruce W (it) wrote: Excellent !! I`d never seen this until tonight. I think it`s a bit under-rated. It`s neither a full-bore war film, nor a sappy romance. Just a fine dramatic look at an English community and a bunch of American soldiers "taking up camp" prior to the D-Day invasion. A different kind of story, well told and well acted. Recommended !!

Sean C (au) wrote: Incredibly well mounted and a mesmerising lead performance from the late great Alan Bates.