Love and Other Disasters

Love and Other Disasters

Flighty Emily "Jacks" Jackson works for the British edition of Vogue magazine. Rather than pursue a relationship, Jacks regularly hooks up with her devoted ex-boyfriend, James Wildstone, and lives with Peter Simon, a gay screenwriter. When Jacks meets Argentinian photographer's assistant Paolo Sarmiento, she assumes he is gay and tries to bring him and Peter together, unaware that Paolo is straight and in love with her.

The film centers on a young beautiful woman working for the famous magazine- Vogue tries to bring the great life for everyone around her. She takes part in a group of young friends and help them find their true love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ariestrya B (nl) wrote: Jirayunya ganteng. Sekian.

Ben G (au) wrote: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS So I just got back from watching On Stranger Tides. To the point as a MAJOR fan of the series I enjoyed it, but because I'm a fan don't think I'm going to go easy on it muahaha. First of all let me say the opening set in London is amazing, it's one of the funniest bits of the film and Cpt. Jack Sparrow makes a rather humorous entrance. We also get some brilliant cameos once again from Keith Richards, we also see Dame Judi Dench in probably one of the funniest cameos I have seen, And Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) as the king which he plays perfectly. The only thing I will fault in the London scenes (first 25 mins) is that Keith Richard's cameo is too short... yes it's a cameo, but after it you want to know so much more about the character... such as why he can magically vanish? I'm guessing he's too much of a drunkard for them to give him a main or even secondary role. Soon we meet Angelica (Penelope Cruz), now so many people have had their doubts about her, now I thought she was funny, but she isn't that likable and while she is tolerable in this film, I don't think she should be in anymore.... which by the looks of things she will be. Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom aren't really missed, the Black Pearl crew are however. I personally think having them in would have hindered the plot, instead we have the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge who unfortunately are forgettable, the only one who is memorable is Scrum (Stephen Graham) although he is too much like a replacement to Pintel & Ragetti (Baldy and Eyeball) who are irreplaceable and missed. Next we are introduced to Blackbeard (Ian Mcshane), his introduction is his best scene and he feels like a menacing villain.... until shortly after when he becomes a pantomime villain scared of his death at the hands of a "One Legged Man". Ian McShane is quite capable of playing an amazing villain but unfortunately the character hasn't been developed and this is one of the films main negatives. Now on to master Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa, without doubt the best character in this film also the most developed, unfortunately all though he is in the film a fair bit... it's not enough. Despite this every scene he is in is fantastic and the chemistry between Barbossa and Jack is brilliant... as always. Another Character who isn't in the film enough is Mr Gibbs (Kevin Mcnally) he doesn't have all that much to do, but he provides a lot of the comic humor. The mermaids in this film are amazing, the whole mermaid sequence is amazing, it's like Jaws but they are mermaids not a shark ;). Alot of reviewers complained that Phillip and Astrid where replacements for Keira & Orlando I strongly disagree, I think Phillip is a much more developed character then Will, although some of the romance bits can be a tad cheesy, the characters are far less annoying and look like they want to be there. -this bits is mainly for the die hard fans and contains biggish spoilers- Both Lt Groves and Gillette have pretty much have nothing to do in this film and Gillette doesn't even speak... oh and both die at the end, it leaves you thinking why even bother bringing them back. The final battle falls a bit flat compared to the previous films in terms of scale... it's basically a rehash of the first one's battle. Then again I guess they would have a hard time trying to do something bigger then a maelstrom. Despite the negatives the film is still incredibly enjoyable, but it definitely feels more like a stand alone film. In terms of humor this one probably has some of the best, those who like sexual innuendo's will love it. Did I mention Angelica calls Jack Sparrow a bastard... like proper yells it ;). Oh and there are hint's to Cpt. Sparrow's sexuality ;). I haven't actually spoke about Mr. Depp do I need to lol? As always he's on top form the one problem is towards the end he doesn't feel as central... he kinda disappears then it's like oh btw I'm still here. As for the 3D it was done to a good standard, and wasn't over the top for example you didn't have things flying out of the screen constantly. The soundtrack is brilliant as always credit to Mr Hans Zimmer. To conclude I think the critics have been far to harsh at the film and take it to seriously. See the film with a fresh mind and make your own opinion, but if you are a fan of the previous films I'm positive you will enjoy this one too. Positives Incredibly Funny Brilliant Soundtrack Fantastic Opening Great Cast Jack, Barbossa, & Gibbs Return Cameos from Judi Dench, Keith Richards & Richard Griffiths (The latter being a bit more then a cameo) The film looks good & CGI isn't overused, most things have been done practically e.g. most the stunts are real. Perfect Running Length Exept for Blackbeard most of the characters have some good character development. Negatives Ian McShane isn't given the chance to make Blackbeard a fearsome enough villain, instead he comes across a bit of a pantomime villain Penelope Cruz will likely be in the next one. The Crew from the previous films are sorely missed. Keith Richard's Isn't in it enough. Jack The Monkey, Cotton's Parrott & The Black Pearl put in appearances, but they are wayyyy too short, they are good appearances though... so i guess this could be positive too. Jack doesn't get slapped... not even by Penelope Cruz Geoffrey Rush & Kevin McNally are underused. The mermaid scene & The opening are the only action scenes that stick out.

Rob Z (fr) wrote: Great acting from Adam Sandler that most ppl won't expect

Tanya N (us) wrote: Stereotypes AHOY!! Fun movie, if totally predictable.

Cameron R (au) wrote: I'm a big mortal kombat fan, I love the video game series, and I did enjoy the two movies as a kid, but now that I look back on the mortal kombat films, I think they would've been several times better if they were Rated R with all the extreme gore and fatalities unleashed, If you're gonna make a great mortal kombat movie, you've GOTTA make it Rated R, otherwise, it won't be as much fun

Wendy N (gb) wrote: The production quality is poor and the story is a little well-trodden, but the pro-feminist message is good and it's a film with heart.

Matt H (gb) wrote: Watch if your bored but only if your bored.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Chuck Norris shows he is capable in the lead role as a member of the Black Tigers who are set up by the US government on a phony 1973 Vietnam rescue mission with survivors being killed five years later. A sign of greater things to come for Norris.

Martin L (fr) wrote: Its called REVENGE !!!!!

Frida E (ca) wrote: Mrklig och det tar en stund att f ett grepp om det hela. Stannar kvar.

Steve S (kr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***