Love At First Bark

Love At First Bark

Portland interior designer Julia Galvins (Jana Kramer) adopts a dog and seeks the help of expert and handsome dog trainer Owen Michaels (Kevin McGarry). When she is hired to design a nursery and a “puppery,” as well as plan a puppy shower fund-raiser for a pregnant client and her pregnant dog, Julia asks Owen’s advice, and their friendship just might turn into something more.

The movie tells the story of a single woman with a new, out-of-control German shepherd who turns to a handsome dog trainer for help. When she needs his help again, their friendship just might turn into something more. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle R (br) wrote: Wow. Storyline literally just went out the window.

JessicaSamuel M (ag) wrote: Not as good as the first

Joo A (fr) wrote: Apesar de ser muito parado, "North Country", um filme obrigatrio para todas as feministas e para todos aqueles que defendem uma maior emancipao da mulher! 70% :D 02/01/2014

Kevin Q (ag) wrote: I HATE john cusack!!! this movie led to the downfall of this shitty actor

Charlotte K (ag) wrote: good watch - highly recommended

Christopher K (es) wrote: My Dad brought this movie home to add to our VHS collection when I was a kid. I watched it often and was devastated when I learned that my parents had thrown them out when I moved to Toronto, no longer seeing a need to keep them

Lisa C (br) wrote: Not at all impressed, some nice framing but otherwise, the narrative thread of th eplot becomes mishmashed like a bowl of potoatos, and after a while, aI just don't care for what's happening or the people.

The Critic (fr) wrote: More a series of comedy sequences that sags a little in the middle before picking up for a fun climax. The cast is at their best in this cheeky offering.

Jose Miguel G (it) wrote: From start to finish, an effectively directed and edited psychological drama that keeps audience fully focused on a smart and intriguing plot.

Anglophile (br) wrote: It's very thought provoking, suspenseful, entertaining.

ld p (br) wrote: Saraband (2003). Bergman's Last film. Not introduced into USA until 2005. A reflection on life and marriage. A powerful somewhat severe film it is not to be dismissed. It was nominated for academy awards but did not win. I some how ended up watching Saraband before Scenes from a Marriage. I have queued the 5 hour version. I think I would have preferred seeing Scenes first but oh well Saraband is quite complete in it's own right. The film is present in acts. The plot and story concerning an aging (83) widower -retired with house keeper in the hills of Sweden. He is visited by his ex wife. His sons wife has died and he quit the University and the son and grand daughter are living in the small lake house cabin not far from the main house. The older guy (Johan) played by Erland Josephenson is a professor and his son and daughter are both Educated Intellects and Musicians (cellists) . Each of Bach's cello suites contains a sarabande, and this film uses the sarabande from Bach's fifth suite, which Bergman also used in Cries and Whispers (1971). Typical of Bergman films this films is a detailed intimate portrait and character study of the 3 individuals in the family and the newly arrival the ex wife. Families in turmoil (with an aging father and possible insane son who has very bad finances (insolvency) ) dont make for the most entertaining movies for the general moving going public. However in this film Bergman continues (as his past films indicate ) his passion for drama and presenting (his) truths regarding the human psyche and human conversations and incidents ( families not necessarily in turmoil but interacting deeply) . His films for me go straight to the heart in presenting truths hidden desires motivations angers. that we human beings generally do not discuss. All his films are canvas painted frame by frame with the classic symbols words and interactions of existentialism. Some of my "Joe Blow" friends have watched these films and they just get nothing out of them or are just bored. I am just not sure of what "type" of person "gets it " or understands enough to get enjoyment and fulfillment out of watching his films. Sometimes his films can be painful to watch (not this one) I wish Bergman had included more musical interludes with the two cellists actually playing or practicing. The sound and vision of the son in the church playing the organ was really impressive on my audio visual system. This film is really the end chapter (in a way) for Scenes from a Marriage. I will watch that 5 hour movie tomorrow or over the next 2 nights. I will then read all the critic reviews of both movies and might revise this short review. 5 stars highest recommendation for Saraband.

Cassandra T (jp) wrote: Great movie with the first "rebel without a cause" type of character. Starts off slow but sucks you in and then you're sad it's over. Not available on DVD and hard to find on video :-(

Teresa C (ru) wrote: A good movie. There are many flaws, though. George Lazenby was not James Bond in any way that Connery was. The little montage of Tracy and Lazenby really annoyed me. Tracy was a good Bond girl I guess. Telly Savalas was good as Blofeld.

Dustin G (nl) wrote: Fuller does what he can with his low budget and the overall quality is low at times and the dialogue is cheesy here and there, but as a story (a yarn, Fuller would say), it's a powerful, hard edged piece of work that poses some obvious questions it doesn't necessarily feel the need to answer. The ending for instance, is fantastic and leaves things up for discussion, which is always great. Fuller never got a fair shake while he was active and this controversial yes, but also somewhat important work, that was withheld from release for many years, is proof of that. Kudos to Fuller for doing what HE wanted, how he wanted, detractors and mainstream Hollywood be damned.