Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite

Dracula and Renefield relocate to 70's era New York in search of Cindy Sondheim (the reincarnation of Dracula's one true love, Mina Harker). "Trouble adjusting" is a wild understatement for the Count as he battles Cindy's psychiatrist, Jeffrey Rosenberg (a descendant of Van Helsing who changed his name for professional reasons?), who may almost certainly, possibly, may be in love with Cindy too.

This vampire spoof has Count Dracula moving to New York to find his Bride, after being forced to move out of his Transylvanian castle. There with the aid of assistant Renfield, he stumbles through typical New York city life situations . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (kr) wrote: I loved the crap out of this film! It's funny and heartwarming, grounded and ridiculous! After every chapter I wondered how I possibly could love this film more, and then the next chapter started, taking me completely by surprise with the best of what modern film has to offer!

Sue C (ru) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyable

Keith S (br) wrote: Not for everyone (esp. those of you that like plot). Glad I finally saw a Bahrani film. I look forward to seeing 'Man Push Cart.' Great acting from non-actors and gritty, beautiful cinematography ... makes me want to work at work.

Tanner B (ag) wrote: Tom and Jerry: The Fast and Curious (2005) C-75m. ?? 1/2 Agreeably old-fashioned Tom and Jerry outing (or is it vehicle?) with the Cat and Mouse competing in you-know-what. Not up to snuff with the Cartoon series in which it's based, but clever sight gags, neat visual design, and (forgive me) fast pace, make this appealing for kids--though why exactly is this entry obsessed with manslaughter?

George W (jp) wrote: Frequency? once was enough.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Hilarious from start to finish, Bean features non-stop laughs due to the facial and physical comedy of Rowan Atkinson's well-known character.

jeremy w (it) wrote: I must say this was a lot of fun to watch. It kept me interested the whole time. This is a Japanese Animation, Sci-fi, Thriller, It is split in three different stories that are unrelated. All are equally interesting. The first part is about a cleanup group placed in the future. In 2092 they fly around space clearing debris. While they are out there they get an S.O.S. and go to investigate. What they find that is a ship that is controlled by a rouge computer which is haunted by the ghost of the former owner. A rich and beautiful opera singer determined to survive forever. To me it seems like a mix between Event Horizon and Titan A.E. weird but cool. The second story is about a young biology lab worker who is a little under the weather. Within the lab they make everything from cold medicine and secret work for the government. He is told by a coworker to take a new pill which is thought to help him feel better. He mistakenly takes the wrong pill only to find out he took a classified bio-weapon and everything goes terribly wrong causing the government to do anything in their power to stop the mayhem. The third is about a young boy who wants to grow up and be a fierce killer and his family who work at the local weapons factory. They all live in a fortified modern city which is run solely for destruction of other city's all for their government's cause. Everyone works diligently to destroy any cities in radius with their gigantic cannons. This one reminded me of the cartoon sections of Pink Floyd The Wall. In a weird way it felt like the cartoon versions of Tales from the Crypt. Overall it was fun way to spend 110 minutes and if you are interested in animation films check this one out. 1 award

Jonathan L (kr) wrote: I'd like to say that it took 5 minutes for her to come running out of the church and we lived happily ever after, but it didn't. It took 6 minutes.

Josh M (br) wrote: Eh, bizzare and 80s and actually funny at times.

rick r (us) wrote: "13/13/13" is James Cullen Bressack's breakaway from his traditional horror concepts of home invasion, homicidal lovers and "HATE CRIME" (that was one hell of a movie!). Now "13/13/13" stars some pretty indie and amateur talent, Trae Ireland, Erin Coker, Jody Barton, Calico Cooper, Tiffany Martinez, Jared Cohn and Bill Voorhees. The story is one that plays on a legend of demonic inheritance of the earth on a specific date. I have never heard of this before but it is a pretty sweet and horrific notion. For millennia, calendars have added an extra day every four years. In doing so, they violated the ancient Mayan calendar. Now we are in the 13th month of the 13th year of the new millennium, and the few who survive will battle a world of demons. So I was intrigued by the synopsis and how Bressack would approach this concept-By the way kudos on The Asylum picking up your talent Bressack!Now just to get it out of the way, the things that I didn't like about the film. "13/13/13" is a pretty low budget film with some pretty low budget acting. Some of the dialog driven scenes in the film where a bit too amateurish, forcing uncomfortable breaks in the flow of the story. The acting at times was over exaggerated by a couple of actors and some of the dialog may have been more than the cast could convincingly convey. That is it, aside from that bit of failed execution from this production, I enjoyed the other aspects of "13/13/13". What really hooked me with this film is Bressack's ability to fuse his distinct style and vision of pushing the comfort level of the viewer. This film showed that same disturbing atmosphere that Bressack has become known for in such films as "Hate Crime" (again, a killer film) and "To Jennifer", both films where like watching real life crimes taking place that just happened to be on video. That is why I love James Cullen Bressack's work. Some of that intense and chilling vibe was visible in this film as well. All be it, not as much as I would like, but it was enough to make me want to follow through with this film. The story just kicks off in the situation, no intro or set up for what is going to happen. I liked that, a lot of people want but I enjoy that about these movies because it is kind of like life. We are not gonna get an intro packet in the mail saying what will take place in times of tragedy or horror, so why should that be the way films are introduced to us? Kudos for being a truly individual director Bressack. You make us pay attention and learn as we watch. The effects in "13/13/13" are 50/50, when it works it works great and when corners were cut-it showed. Still the fact that the camera found inventive ways of showing the grue and kill moments in this supernatural horror story, is entertaining. Plus the fact that Bressack didn't shy away from getting in there and shooting the full on effects of the killing or brutality is note-worthy. He doesn't leave it to the imagination, instead he sears it into our brain visually. "13/13/13" is not gonna be for everyone because of the ultra low budget feel of the film but I did. Let me explain, this film has a cool concept, plenty of action and gore. Straight on gruesome moments that remind us of spaghetti thrillers. Yeah the quality is ultra low indie horror and the acting is bad but I found enough moments within this film that entertained me so I cant' give it a bad review. Just know that not every one is find this movie enjoyable and go into it with caution- it isn't at the stellar level of "Hate Crime" and "To Jennifer" but it is standard quality that The Asylum distributes. What can I say I am a fan of Bressack's talent and works for life. I like his style.

David L (nl) wrote: The villain was underdeveloped, the side characters were worthless, the tone was all over the place, and the source material was not respected in the way that it should have been.