Love at First Glance

Love at First Glance

After journalist Mary Landers (Amy Smart) is assigned to write a Valentine's Day story about "The Meaning of Love," her long-time boyfriend breaks up with her, leaving Mary feeling that her life is boring and predictable.

A young woman’s hope for an engagement is upended unexpectedly when her fiancé tells her he is looking for someone more adventurous. To prove him wrong, she tracks down a handsome man who left his phone on her train ride home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (kr) wrote: Mocking Romcom cliches does not justify using those same cliches. Still the chemistry between Evans and Monaghan is strong, making this a mostly enjoyable fluff film.

Katie B (ru) wrote: I love the games and this movie did make fun nods to it. The plot was fun, a little different than the others, but it was still ok. I was hoping it would be a little better, but still worth the watch.

Ass H (mx) wrote: not as good as dinkster but it ok I gess 10/10

Johnny M (au) wrote: Los primeros minutos son muy agiles

Mateus Z (us) wrote: Funny and poignant, but a little too 'Americanised' to become anything more then just entertainment.

Alan S (au) wrote: Rare but nice!! A good sequel of Urban Legend.

Kevin S (us) wrote: James Belushi is great as Bill Dancer who has been taking care of Cury Sue since she was a baby. They are homeless living on the street who pretty much do anything to get food and other things. Now they have the perfect plan of Bill acting like he got hit by this car who is owned by this rich snobby lawyer who takes them out and feeds them and ends up taking them into her home. This is a great comedy filled with laughs. This is one of those movies that is worth watching over and over again.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Quirky little movie based on a quirky very real story. Fact is stranger than fiction. And, perhaps that is where this film fails. For all the provocative scenes it feels as if something is being restrained or held back. Even still, Jim Carrey's performance is work of art within itself.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Just to see that one line.