Love at First Hiccough

Love at First Hiccough

Anja is a beautiful and very well proportioned high school senior... and still a virgin. She insists that she wants her first time to be with a guy, who knows what it's about. Her rich (and arrogant, pretentious and obnoxious) boyfriend Peter serves the purpose, and he's more than willing. In fact, he's pushing forward as much as he can, but Victor, a freshman who has a serious crush on Anja, has other plans. Her first time should definitely not be with this buffoon, and he's ready to take it VERY far!

Anja is a beautiful and very well proportioned high school senior ... and still a virgin. She insists that she wants her first time to be with a guy, who knows what it's about. Her rich (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jussi M (br) wrote: Vois kyll Cronenberg jd jo elkkeelle.

Greg R (ru) wrote: the aussies make good movies....this is based on a true story from the great war....good cast but Cowell especially shines (i think we'll hear more from him)...tension builds well....good movie!

kylie j (us) wrote: Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, best friends from a dying former steel town in Ohio, are out to convince the world that Bigfoot exists. They have amassed a vast library of video footage and still photographs of proof (their website is highly trafficked) after years of venturing into the forest, day and night, to the capture shots of the legendary creature in its native habitat. Dallas is the gregarious of the dyad is a Reiki master who uses Sasquatch calls into the wild and claims to have a sheep's bone in his skull; some claim Dallas to be one of the world's leading big foot researchers. Wayne is the repressed, emotional of the gang- a former high-school bully who currently works at a car wash and is living paycheck to paycheck.

Don S (us) wrote: A dark comedy set in high school. It is not overly difficult to figure out, but the comedy worked for me as I found myself chuckling often. This school was not like the high school I attended, and I didn't really didn't connect with a majority of the players - though Funke was close. I liked Bruce Willis' portrayal of the military minded principal. And Mischa Barton possibly has the bluest eyes I've seen. I found this enjoyable enough that I'd probably watch it again.

(gb) wrote: Nice fast and really thrilling

Grant T (gb) wrote: An intriguing look at two young men growing up in the inner city area of Chicago with high hopes to play in the NBA. It went on a little long, but overall it was a well done documentary that is worth checking out

Karmen G (nl) wrote: I watched it many times, a good movie

Chris T (es) wrote: Nasty bikers terrorise a backwater town until Busey unleashes terrible fiery destruction upon them, using mortars, an armoured car and Yaphet Kotto to batter them into submission. I'm sure this film was born out of the scenes of violence engendered in Richard Sarafian's head when he heard the song by Survivor...

Lindsey S (ag) wrote: The Dagger Debs are badass.

Ken S (ca) wrote: This is an okay film, but you can get kind of lost in the plot - which is frankly all over the place. I like a more solid plot in my movies (for the most part). Forster is cool, and I dug that this movie shot LITERALLY as the riots outside the 1968 DNC took place, but I didn't find myself all too engrossed in the rest of the film.

Charlie M (de) wrote: Denzel Washington turns in a great performance as an untrained investigator getting pulled into a web of lies. Easy's got a lot of bravery, but in the 1940's almost every neighborhood is the wrong side of town for him. In one scene Easy waits on the pier and a strange teenage girl casually starts up a conversation with him, naturally her boyfriend feels threatened and a his buddies almost attack Easy. In another, the cops are willing to blindly convict him of any crime they can find. It's not a surprise that this could happen to a black man in the 40's, it's just that elements of racism towards the lead are rare within a noir film. The visual dynamic is also very weak never playing towards the genre.There's an interesting exploration of the idealized life in his neighborhood and the mad dogs that could take it away from him at any moment. Easy is a homeowner who's friendly with his neighbors. He lives on a quiet, family-friendly street, but he associates with nightmarish people. Don Cheadle is malevolently insane as Easy's old friend, Mouse. Mouse is on Easy's side but there's such a dark intensity Cheadle brings to the movie, that he could shoot anybody at any second. The juxtaposition of these two lifestyles make for an fascinating contrast, more fascinating than the main mystery at hand.Denzel is superb (as per usual) and the sociological views are intriguing enough, but the main story doesn't break enough new ground to be anything amazing.