Love at First Hiccup

Love at First Hiccup

A high school romantic comedy about freshman Victor who has contracted a case of Anya-itis, (acute and incurable love passion for high school senior Anja.) And why shouldn't he?

A high-school freshman (Devon Werkheiser) falls for a pretty senior (Scout Taylor-Compton) who is way out of his league. However chance meetings riddled with awkward hiccups soon makes sparks fly between them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruby H (ag) wrote: Even for the genre's standards, this is awful. It's not the misogyny or anything that come with this sort of films, it's just that the whole thing is pretty bad. There's not one memorable scene and all characters are instantly forgettable. Worse, it's boring.

Pilar G (it) wrote: I love this film! It's so amazing!

Chris C (de) wrote: I liked how the movie showed the beginning of graff, and how it is everywhere, Brazil and Japanese graff, and blek le rat? Good stuff

Denae B (it) wrote: Stunningly beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing. Absolutely worth watching.

Greg R (au) wrote: Excellent and revealing story about NASA's blatant cover up, resulting in the deaths of the Challenger astronauts

David K (fr) wrote: well, it's kinda like anything else...