Love at First Kill

Love at First Kill

An overprotective mother tries to stop her son's budding relationship with a flirtatious young divorce.

An overprotective mother tries to stop her son's budding relationship with a flirtatious young divorcée. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chye L (ag) wrote: If you are curious about how the tibetans identify their reincarnated rinpoche, this is the movie to watch!

Tawni W (nl) wrote: Although maybe a little too predictable, one of the best thriller/horror movies I've ever seen. Had a pretty disturbing scene in the first 6 minutes, just a heads up for those with weak stomachs. Absolutely loved it though, great twists and turns throughout.

jesse k (ca) wrote: Intricate, intelligent, absorbing movie. Genuinely unique.

Sari P (it) wrote: Why did they bother?????????

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Jack O'Toole's beloved uncle Pete dies unexpectedly. After the wake, Jack decides to write a play based on the wake and to celebrate the life of his uncle. With the help of his fellow Boston friends, he attempts to put on the production of the play, even if it means having it performed in a little Irish Pub. Written and directed by Dave McLaughlin and starring Joseph McIntyre, the wonderful film was a joy to watch. I loved the whole cast, they were well written and the actors did a great job. I was very impressed by Joseph McIntyre, he has come a long nicely since his early days as a member of New Kids on the Block. I also enjoyed the small role that Mike O'Malley played. The soundtrack was also amazing, the songs fit the story perfectly.

Farah M (ag) wrote: ??? ?????? ??? ????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ??? ??????? ????? ????? ????? ??????? ???????

bill s (de) wrote: And hard falling too.

Michael W (us) wrote: A film that certainly lives up to its title. Renegade cop relentlessly pursues corrupt auto tycoon, causing million of dollars in property damage to the fine city of Detroit in the process. I bought into everything except the part about Action being a Harvard law graduate.

Chris C (nl) wrote: Inspirational music, great dancing and its emotional touch makes Flashdance a memorable 80's classic with a vibrant performance by Jennifer Beals.

Humberto F (br) wrote: Excellent follow-up to Dirty Harry has a strong cast and an interesting story that measures up thematically to the original. Holbrook is memorable as Harry's bureaucratic and eventual criminal nemesis. Ted Post's direction is pretty solid with good use of the San Fransisco locations. The story by Milius and Cimmino adds some layers to the Harry character that keeps him compelling. Its a shame the next sequel lacks so much of what this one has.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Limelight was a film I expected to be a Charlie Chaplin comedy, and I was disappointed to find out otherwise. No doubt that Limelight was a good film, but based on the viewing experience it just wasn't what I expected and i found that the themes it dealt with have been covered many times in the years since Limelight's release. I guess I just found it boring, but the performances were good and it was good to see Charlie Chaplin branch out into dramatic work.

Eric T (gb) wrote: An underrated, witty and humorous film that eloquently narrates the 'special' relationship between Cleopatra and Caesar. Vivien Leigh and Claude Rains are truly masters of their arts. Leigh embodies a sixteen-year-old queen and manages to convey the sweet and playful girl as well as showing shades of an ambitious and intelligent Cleopatra. Her charming co-star, Rains, portrays a wise, merciful and witty Caesar; Rains shows us the 'visionist' Caesar that history books blab on about. I have to praise the script, especially the sharp dialogue. You cannot help but laugh when Cleopatra points out Caesar's bald spot and then giggles like a six year old. Leigh underplays Cleopatra's 'sex-kitten' trait, and shows an attention-hungry teenager instead... a teenager with occasional murderous impulses (understandable). So naturally, her relationship with Caesar is not that of lust; he's a wise old man that shows her the poise of a true leader and showers her with the attention she hungers for... and promises to acquaint her with beautiful young men. No wonder she's smitten around him! This film's not THAT well known because it's not an epic blockbuster, it's simply a story of Caesar and Cleopatra. A companionship, romantic or not, that helped the teenage Cleopatra (that was afraid of being eaten by Romans) grow into Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Cleopatra is not yet 'ruthless' and Caesar is still alive, and apparently that's not stimulating enough for people. If this film was framed in a visually spectacular frame, it would be a masterpiece. The set fails to express the 'exotic' beauty of Egypt and is greatly out-performed by the marvelous script and performances. Nevertheless the film is paced fairly well (not slow enough to bore you) and is truly enjoyable. Well, I truly enjoyed it and so it deserves an EIGHT out of TEN. P.S. I hope that Angelina JOLIE and the new Cleopatra script won't omit the teenage queen's playful side; everyone loves to see a powerhouse giggling like a six year old.

Brandon M (ru) wrote: A black cinema classic that can never be forgotten.