Love. Blood. Kryptonite.

Love. Blood. Kryptonite.

After his drug-addicted mother is hospitalized, teenager Jimmy Donovan takes the leap from selling marijuana to selling heroin in order to make the tuition payments necessary to keep his little sister in private school.

Teenager Jimmy Donovan struggles to survive in a household with a drug-addicted mother and a six-year-old sister, Angie, by selling marijuana in a diverse, suburban neighborhood. After his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love. Blood. Kryptonite. torrent reviews

Dianne A (jp) wrote: Fun trip exploring the wonders of Iceland!

Jason K (es) wrote: UPDATE: still niccceeeniccce

Grace J (gb) wrote: Hilariously stupid. This Is The End is one of the most ridiculous comedies I've ever watched. It was fun to watch actors and actresses play themselves, and it was even more fun when they were killed in horrific ways. I was happily surprised by how enjoyable this movie actually was. Worth watching!

Matt H (jp) wrote: Beautiful animation, interesting, unique story, and a nice blend of styles. A good amount of humor, too.

Nicki M (de) wrote: After reading the reviews and for the first five minutes of the movie, I really expected a suckfest (no pun intended!). But with the most annoying characters killed off pretty early, this actually turned out to be a really unusual and original vampire movie. I was really quite impressed with it. I don't think your typical Twilight fan is going to get into this, but for anyone who likes their vampire films a little darker, and/or an arthouse slant, this one could be the one for you

Florence F (es) wrote: comdie anecdotique mais sympathique

Robbie T (ag) wrote: Who could have thought such creatures existed. I still enjoyed king of kong more.. but this is still entertaining in a strange, whacko sort of way.

Garth D (de) wrote: I saw a preview of this on some DVD I idea what movie it was...but this looks interesting.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Moderately entertaining vengeance flick that drags a bit too much at the end.

Robert H (br) wrote: Ok, this is Sunday afternoon fluff at best... but damn if it isn't entertaining.Sam Wanamaker delivers a fun tale of witchcraft, adventure, swords and sandals with plenty of Harryhausen special FX to keep things looking cool!The acting, sets, costumes, etc. aren't the best but this film is a quest to delight and should be a mainstay for every fan of the sword and sandals genre

Alan W (br) wrote: This is some good movie

Stephanie F (ca) wrote: It was okay but I felt she sabotaged her relationship with Wyn; I mean she had three chances to have him and she kept doing stupid stuff. Maybe it made more sense in 1940. At least she chose the doctor though!

daniel esteban h (it) wrote: hanibal rising no estan buena con las demas pero nos sigue entreteniendo

Jacob D (au) wrote: Fun, cool, exciting and dark this movie is a great time to watch.

Kirk E (au) wrote: A fantastic mix of film noir and Cold War espionage thriller.

Andrea B (nl) wrote: I actually really liked this movie. I don't really see some of the other reviews points, i think it had a cool concept, and i've been wanting a sequl, even though i don't think thats going to happen.

Alice S (ca) wrote: A down-and-out, estranged mother comes back into the lives of her upper-middle-class children, ex-husband and his perfect second wife (played by perfect Audra McDonald, naturally). She wins them back through music, and it's really just so much fun.I know Meryl Streep is lauded as the best dramatic actress of her generation, but I've always thought the grand dame a bit stuffy and boring. Perhaps that's why I liked her departure into blue-lidded, Alanis-braided, tatted-up, has-been rockstar. The thing is, Meryl Streep ISN'T a badass; she dabbles in it, as does her character Ricki whom she plays as appropriately lost and hopeful and distant and maternal. She performs the mellow, classic rock selections better than the (possibly altered) mezzo belting of the Witch in "Into the Woods" and the tinny pop of Donna in "Mamma Mia." It's unfortunate that Streep breaks her streak of annual Oscar nominations, seeing as most critics found her performance campy and the movie predictable. Oh well.Mamie Gummer, Streep's doppelganger daughter, is a bit one-note ragey and one-note catatonic, but her Resting Bitch Face is intensely formidable, and I like the casting of real life family members in movies.