Love Breakups Zindagi

Love Breakups Zindagi

Love Breakups Zindagi is a movie which tries to answer the question related to love, breakups and life.

A couple and many of their friends experience changes and challenges in their respective lives after attending a wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy R (es) wrote: Sally Hawkins along with a stellar ensemble British cast are superb in this important, inspiring and feel good dramatisation about a group of factory workers who banded together and brought about equal pay for women. A well written and made film with authentic attention to 60s period detail.

Georgieboy M (de) wrote: "My generation doesn't have any choice. I don't want to wonder like a ghost." These words said by Ding On before he fights against the killer of his father can depicts how he ended in that situation and the reason why this movie is so visceral, Not only is about revenge but a profound reflection about violence. Blood, dismember bodies, people killing each other without a clear reason, this is a wuxia that break the romanticism that evolves other movies of the same type. The violence is permanent in the film, It's a nonsense violence theres no reflection about that, but thats the intention of Hark, violence is there but never with a clear reason, and thats make you think that is because we live in a violent world where the only truth is a man's strength. "i always had a nasty thought on my mind. I want to start a fight between those two men and the winner will belong to me" With Siu Ling like the narrator of the history we found a partial point of view. The environment is seeing by the eyes of this weird girl that loves and hates Ding On and Iron Head in the same proportion and her voice remind us, all the movie, that we are towards a masterpiece. The script is almost perfect and the last ten minutes are a magnificent, the last scene is kind of heartbreaking, no surprise why its in the top 20 of all times in Tarantino's list.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: The best Anthony Hopkins.

Benjamin H (fr) wrote: Not a bad movie it's just cheesiness at its best

Gordon T (ca) wrote: Well, I thought it was VERY FRIGHTENING. The girl escapes Death and Death manipulates dead bodies to scare The Girl to death . . . Final Destination ripped-off this movie but it looks like the people who made Final Destination simply had the same idea as the makers of Sole Survivor. . . . so, Final Destination is not a rip-off. Good Heavens is this movie scary . . . to me at least. Especially with the little girl at the morgue who died in a boating accident scaring The Girl. you know, SOLE SURVIVOR actually rips-off CARNIVAL OF SOULS. Both are terrific movies. (In my opinion). I'll bet most RT viewers would say WTF to this one. (but I always "Over-assume" what other people think)

Roy C (nl) wrote: Justice in the jungle.

Augusto A (jp) wrote: I've never seen a Jean Cocteau film before, not even Beauty And The Beast, so I really can't tell the extent of his influence here, but what I do know is that in terms of style, this is probably the least "Melville" of Melville's films. Although not a bad movie at all, I much prefer the silent, purely visual, visceral and melancholic fare he produced later in his career than the slightly surreal and quirky for the sake of quirky style we get here. The overly poetic dialogue and narration (provided by Cocteau himself) are not my cup of tea. Melville's latter films are very poetic as well, but their poetry comes from visuals, not written word. Also, acting was all over the place and the characters annoyed me a bit, mainly at the beginning. I really don't buy Edouard Dermithe as a 16 year old wearing short shorts (but I guess he was actually supposed to look that ridiculous). Even though there's a lot of fat cluttering up the movie and details that don't quite work, the development of the siblings relationship is handled with care and the story goes some interesting places, specially during the last act. Some elements reminded me of Bertolucci's The Dreamers. The pace, the editing and general design are very clever, the work done by the art department is impressive and Melville's terrific eye for visuals is already here, even if working as a backup to dialogue and narration this time around.

Rich S (au) wrote: Can't sleep - so I put in this movie, which is just zany good fun! Roland Young is fun as ever as Cosmo Topper, and Joan Blondell and Carole Landis are fine comic supports - as are Billie Burke (Mrs. Topper), Patsy Kelly and the always amusing Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. A totally enjoyable comedy romp!

Will M (de) wrote: Tragic story of obsession. Very, very good, with one of Brennan's best roles and a wonderful turn from Edward Robinson. Hawks made so much good stuff that the oddities -- like this, or I Was a Male War Bride -- are easy to forget. Don't forget this one.

Sgt C (ca) wrote: (71%) A perfectly good bio of one of early Hollywood's brightest stars. Downey Jr plays the unique Chaplin using a combination of fine physical performance art, as well as the intelligent, and somewhat flawed side to the great man that is pretty terrific. There's plenty for fans of early cinema to enjoy with fine detail regarding production and even the screenings themselves, which is something actually quite rare to see. Chaplin did lead quite a long and eventful life (a lot of movies, wives and children, claims of being a communist, rise and fall in popularity), and at nearly 2 and a half hours long this still really struggles to fit everything in as his wives come and go scene by scene without really knowing anything much about them. This was always going to be a slightly too ambitious project, and it is flawed, but it's still a very notable attempt to recreate the life of an icon.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Good versus evil. Good prevails. AND there's a well voiced and "believable" dragon per Sean Connery. What's not to like !

Kelly K (jp) wrote: A half heartfelt story about four brothers avenging their mother's death, and a half comedy. Great to watch, plenty of action, but I could not help but wonder if it would not have been better if the serious scenes were, well... serious.

David G (nl) wrote: Despite a very funny, villainous role from Peter Dinklage, this uninspired trite about ice burg pirates is shit.

Mike P (de) wrote: One of the best westerns ever made, right up there with "Shane" and "The Searchers".