Love By Chance

Love By Chance

Claire, an ambitious pastry chef, is busy running her new restaurant, but her meddling mom is preoccupied with her lack of love life. Without her knowledge, Claire’s mother finds her the perfect man, but when Claire finds out it wasn’t fate that brought them together, it could ruin the relationship.

Claire's mother is Claire's secret matchmaker. Claire thinks the perfect man she's dating is brough to her by fate, but when she finds out the truth, it could ruin the relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank U (us) wrote: Some funny stuff, if you don't understand ICP, then you will not understand this movie.

Arash B (it) wrote: This is sheer genius, Beautiful & touching with excellent choice of music


Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Very good, very interesting, very funny, nice but predictable twist ending. Great cast and performances.

(br) wrote: Wont to see it again!!!

Love M (us) wrote: A bleak and compelling thriller that unfortunately leads to an anticlimactic ending! 6/05/2013

Aichatou H (us) wrote: In Buddhism, a Dalai Lama which is the spiritual head of Buddhism in Tibet and the spiritual and temporal ruler of Tibet, is reincarnated into whatever bodies he chooses and is then put to a test to determine whether or not the person is the next Dalai Lama. The 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso, died in December 17, 1933. Four years later(in 1937), a young boy at the age of two years named Lhamo Dondrub was discovered with the taught that he would be the next reincarnation of the Buddha of compassion and was declared the 14th Dalai Lama. He was an average boy that was living in Tibet with his parents. As Tibetans believed that he might be the reincarnation of the Buddha of compassion, they made him leave his village Tibet which is located at the border of China and went to another place. They also called him "Kundun" which means the "ocean of wisdom". He was forced to leave his parents and being so young, he was scared but he managed until he grew up. The people that he stayed with were teaching more about the Buddhist because they all believed that he was the next Dalai Lama. The people that were taking care of him were also preparing for to becoming a leader. Tibet and China were starting to have issues with the government and he had to discuss the problem and find a solution because he was left to handle the issue by himself. Giving the power of a Buddha, he levered the concern with no one by his side and did not give up on his principles. He started to fast which was one way of Buddhist principle and avoid violence and the way to achieve enlightenment. Despite all the trouble that he had to encounter, he was successful and brought peace in the country.

Dane P (fr) wrote: A charming stop motion animated film. The visuals are great and the animation is fluid. Though the songs are incredibly bland and unneeded, the movies imagination shines through. Its a fun watch.

John N (nl) wrote: I cherish many fond memories from numerous viewings of this nice little movie about a group of siblings trying to survive an oppressive, uncaring world.

Gary S (ca) wrote: One of the better Dirty Harry movies today. The one he made his famous line in. "Go ahead, make my day."

John R (kr) wrote: October 2012February 2017

Jacob B (ru) wrote: 'Machete Kills' is funny in the way that it doesn't take its premise too seriously. Sadly, the execution of said premise is not as good as it should be.