Love by the Book

Love by the Book

Bookstore owner Emma believes in fairy tales. Although she has yet to be swept away by prince charming, she sees real knight in shining armor potential with a new suitor, Landon. As Emma balances time with Landon and saving her bookstore with once irritating business consultant, Eric, however, she weighs storybook romance against genuine commitment. While she sorts out her feelings toward Landon and Eric, as well as toward love and romance, Emma begins to realize that fairytale endings aren't always by the book.

A bookstore owner and hopeless romantic meets the man of her dreams and tries to save her business with the help of a business consultant. She discovers what she
needs to make the fairytales she bases her love life on true in this romance story. Throughout the movie| she also tries to help her younger sister work through her
recent engagement and prepare for the wedding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caragh H (de) wrote: Sometimes confusing connections between stories but beautiful cinematography! Left me mulling on it for a day or two, which is rare, but nice.

Mushtaq A (ca) wrote: A fully action packed movie for the first time in Tamil cinema. Ajith is the man who carries the whole movie on his shoulders. Definitely a must watch for his fans and the fans of Hollywood range action-packed thriller entertainment. Worth a watch for others.

Paul D (de) wrote: There's a heavy subcultural influence in this film, so the language is colloquial and the depictions not quite everyone's cup-of-tea. It is however a very stylish production that compliments the often criminal activities taking place and the desperate situations that often exist for the group of characters. It can a fascinating watch at times.

Harley Q (au) wrote: That's a party I would vote for!!

Miedy B (it) wrote: Michelle Monaghan REALLY does a great job, I wish she would take more roles like this and hopefully, she'll get better script next time. I always loved movies about real life, for Wendy and Lucy, the movie didnt even have plot twist or trying to be overrated dramatic, but surely more interested to watch. Apart from the GREAT acting by Monaghan, heres my problem with the movie: from the way Dianne act (Monaghan) act, we sort of assumed that there must be the reason that she left her only son to be with the father. Yes, she mentioned a good reason, but not believable enough, I wasnt convinced by it and I WISH they would just leave it ambiguous, or find MORE convincing back stories because it seemed she wasnt the kind of person who would leave her own baby. Sure, she wasnt a typical good mother, but in my opinion she wasnt that bad either (even though they tried to make her saying all those awful things to her son, we know she didnt really mean that). Whats up with the baseball scene as well. After trying to shadow her nice personality so bad, they tried to use the scene so the audience could forgive her, but I think without that scene, audience already knew that she wasnt that bad at all. So, I didnt understand why the writers were too afraid in dealing with her character, it seemed they try to create a negative person, but then change their mind too quickly, makes her not really believable, almost turn her over into some kind of soap characters. By the time, she played baseball with her kid, I started to lose interest (such a shame for a movie that started with such a good premise and acting). If youre looking for something real, go watch Rachel Getting Married or Wendy and Lucy instead.

Raine L (au) wrote: I think I've seen this but I don't remember

Jack G (br) wrote: I won't remember much of it tomorrow, or feel a need to seek it out again, but I'm glad it exists, sort of. The cinematography and certain (though not all) choices in random exteriors are nice to look at, and the actors London and Oldham have good friendly chemistry. But, and I hate to say this, I wish *something* would happen in it; the height of drama comes with a massage in a hot-tub (which, I'll admit, is a great little scene). I appreciate that it's minimalist and meditative and all that, and what surrounds these men is important, but I think Reichardt would mine much better minimalist ground in her next feature, Wendy & Lucy. Also the last three minutes seems to be just ... huh? B-roll footage.

Levonne P (jp) wrote: Abolutely fabulous!!! Banderas is as SEXY as ever! Fabulous music, and fabulous dancing! A MUST SEE, for the music, dance, and Antonio lover!

Jacky L (ru) wrote: there were no attractive female leads but it still made for a rather compelling watch- an israeli mom and a nigerian nanny, the premise alone warranted a watch. sincere, moving film. this was one of those that'd have you sighing and dying for a cig and drink after the credits roll.

Oscar D (br) wrote: Action-packed higher-than-expected budget action movie starring Steven Seagal

George G (de) wrote: One of the best comedic love stories of my generation Plus it introduced me to the beauty that is Salma Hayek!

Orlando D (ru) wrote: This was the Gigli of it's day. This was a critically maligned film by the press and its notorious as being a box office disaster. It's not as horrible as reputation has preceeded it, it does boost some beautiful locations(filmed in Hong Kong)and great camera work, musicial score by producer George Harrison and costumes. Now the downside is the film is overstuffed with plot, choppy editing make one wonder if the better stuff ended up on the cutting room floor, and the chemistry between then married Sean Penn and Madonna is practically non-existent. Madonna looks beautiful but seems stiff as the missionary out for missing opium and Penn, a great actor cannot disguise his displeasure for the whole, silly affair.

Don R (jp) wrote: Excellent. Slow moving revenge story. Fonda, Bronson, and Robards shine.

Liam M (us) wrote: In ever sense of the word, a masterpiece.