Love Crime

Love Crime

In the sterile setting of a powerful multinational, two young women compete ... Isabelle is working under the orders of Christine, a woman of power she admires unreservedly.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:French,English,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   paris france,   prison,  

The film focuses on Isabelle, who was a poor woman, but extremely intelligent and cunning. She had arranged everything to harm Christine order to appropriate property and Christine company. But the ending will be like? Invite you to watch ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter P (fr) wrote: WHAT??????????????? With the exception of Robert Pattinson this was a complete waste of talented actors in a story that is pointless and makes no sense.

sitenoise (au) wrote: A middle school video project

Larisa L (ag) wrote: moccia... you know what you get when you watch it.... loved the quotations, a nice touch, and the storytelling. no quality, but cute for romanticoholic like me :)

Kate M (gb) wrote: I adore this film. I love all the Bring It On films. Hayden was perticually Brilliant in this movie.

Andersson M (de) wrote: Good movie to watch with your friends

Jon S (us) wrote: So is it wrong that I spent most of the documentary eagerly waiting for the company to go under? Am I the only one who found Joe Park, the CEO, a bit on the insufferable side? Maybe I'm too harsh, or maybe I'm just jealous, but man, he likes to talk and he likes to brag and it's rather satisfying to see him fall from grace by the end of the movie. I know, I'm probably just a horrible human being.I mean, what do I know. I'm sure it could be argued that you need to be a dick in order to be successful in the corporate world.Anyway, interesting movie . . . a bit on the light side once things start to go wrong, especially comparing to how much coverage the rise of the company gets. There's a "Where are they now" feature that would've been a lot more compelling if it was videos instead of a slide show with a few sparse lines of text. Overall, it feels like it errs a little on the side of being too accommodating to its subjects. I would've liked to see Park and his group having to answer harsher questions. Then again, maybe they didn't need to . . . It's all in their faces. But I still would've liked more detail on the aftershocks of their dream's demise.Also . . . I can't stop wondering: how did the documentary get started anyway? Did they have some guy videotaping them almost from the get-go?

Josh M (ag) wrote: This film starts slowly and requires some time to get used to its rhythm and style. However, once you get over that initial hump, it does nothing but reward. A great example of early post Soviet Union cinema reflecting upon an earlier era's legacy of quiet violence. Full of great symbolism and storytelling, this film is a must watch for anyone interested in Russian Cinema. An additional plus is the fantastic performances all around by the characters, especially the little Nadya.

Phillip M (gb) wrote: The beginning, albeit a little drawn-out, is great. You quickly meet Joe played by Tom Hanks, a down-on-his-luck hypochondriac who works for the worst company ever and can't seem to stay healthy. In a funny unraveling, you start to get an understanding of who Joe is and the magnitude of how terrible his life has become. To me, the interactions with his boss at the beginning of the film are classic and easily the best parts of the movie. When Joe finally has decided he has had enough and wants to quit, a hilarious scene ensues that I found myself laughing harder at than when Jerry Maguire packed up and left his agency.That was the beginning and, if I only had to rate movies based on the first ten minutes, not only would I have a lot more time on my hands, but I would have probably given this movie a solid B. Unfortunately, there was another eighty-seven minutes to sit through and things quickly unraveled. Starting with the premise, Joe is approached by a random millionaire tycoon to jump into a volcano in the South Pacific as a sacrifice to keep the locals happy. I can't make this stuff up. John Patrick Shanley can, however, and let's just say I hope some kind of disarming drug was involved when he did. Maybe it's satire, but I don't get it.In any event, Joe is convinced to perform this sacrifice after he is told by a doctor that he has a "brain cloud" and only has months left to live. Again, not making this up. I'm normally pretty good at suspending disbelief for movies, but why Joe didn't think to question a brain cloud is beyond me. What follows, though, actually left me in a brain cloud of my own. It was scene after scene of what felt like forced but random interactions that steered Joe to the final climax--The volcano. By that point, I didn't really care that he had fallen in love and now had a reason to live. The relationship itself between him and Patricia (Meg Ryan) seemed rushed and more a necessary means to get to the end of the story.Roger Ebert gave Joe Versus the Volcano 3.5 stars. This is one we're going to have to disagree on. I give it a 22.

The Mighty O (nl) wrote: Cute movie, good cameos, including Stevie Ray Vaughn in a beach bar band with Dick Dale.

Jacob G (ca) wrote: Rocky IV is CRAZY the entire movie is insane and over the top and has great fight scenes but lacks the heart the previous films had

Bill B (ru) wrote: I wasn't a huge fan of this one when I first checked it out, possibly because I was so sold on the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I have to say that upon the subsequent revisits, this has grown on me a great deal, and I no quite enjoy most of the songs, even if the story itself isn't quite as strong as you might prefer.I'd definitely suggest giving it a rental, just to see what's up, maybe you'll surprise yourself (like I did) and get into it in spite of yourself.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Pretty good ensemble film from the 60s directed by Stanley Kramer. As many describe it, it's pretty much Grand Hotel on a ship, there's comedy and drama from many characters who all interact. Some of the stories were dull, I didn't care for the horny guy who wants to have sex with that Mexican prostitute, but there were other great segments. I think Oskar Werner is the stand out, he gave a pretty amazing performance, as did the always great Simone Signoret. I also really liked Michael Dunn, though I could have done without his opening and closing of the film. Anyway, it's too long but it's watchable.

Bill K (kr) wrote: Awful flick about a bunch of hippies who survive the Apocalypse.

Rebecca S (it) wrote: i loved haunted you really got me on the edge of my bed i was just dying to find out what would happen next it was fangtastic

Jonathan S (nl) wrote: It's a nice production, but like most Hammer horror flicks it just can't compete with the earlier black and white efforts.

AD V (gb) wrote: Cheesy, somewhat gory, Italian tale of witches, rituals and something to do with a pregnant woman that didn't really make a whole lot of sense. Normally this is something that automatically turns me off but dammit I have a soft spot for low-budget 80's Italian horror and this one fits the bill. ***SPOILER*** Especially one that kills off David Hasselhoff.