Love, etc.

Love, etc.

A triangle: love, obsession, and choice. Pierre, a ladies' man who has little cash and no fixed residence, describes his best friend Benoît as the world's oldest 32-year-old. The shy, well-employed Benoît's life changes when he answers the personal ad of Marie, a 25-year-old who restores paintings. He's attracted to her and she likes his steady calm and his honest attention. They're soon a couple, and they include Pierre in their dinners, outings, and trips. What will happen when Pierre realizes that he too is in love with Marie?

A triangle: love, obsession, and choice. Pierre, a ladies' man who has little cash and no fixed residence, describes his best friend Benoît as the world's oldest 32-year-old. The shy, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip O (it) wrote: A frequently wonderful mess. Three Algiers brothers cross over to NOLA and miss the ferry back in a one-of-a-kind all-night adventure.

Giovanni M (fr) wrote: An exercise in syrupy sap, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a movie I watched on cable for the sole purpose of a cheer-me-up film with Jennifer Gardner. Instead, I felt gross watching it. It's weirdly creepy and lives up the title "Odd".

Dann M (de) wrote: A surprisingly tame outing for horror master John Carpenter, The Ward plays more as a mystery/suspense film. It begins as a dark drama about a group of girls in a psych ward and then slowly shifts gears when a ghost seemingly starts stalking them. Starring Amber Heard, Danielle Panabaker, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Jared Harris, the cast is quite good and give fairly strong performances. The script however, is a little weak. By and large the story feels familiar and makes several obvious hints as to what the twists will be. Still, the plot comes together rather well and delivers a few chills. Though different from the typical Carpenter flick, The Ward has a bit of his trademark style and is a pretty solid psychological thriller.

Wilman A (fr) wrote: this one is deep and tough movie. academy award 2010 nominated best actress (Nicole Kidman) give her best acting in this movie. she played as struggle and depress mother who lost her 4 year old child. this movie very expert in describing sadness,struggling and depression feeling. success take us to feel same way. the unique is you can find out what is the meaning of this title. there is a specific intent about the meaning. great ending give us a solution and one of great conclusion. this is one of the best way, movie delivered an expectation of live.

Joe D (jp) wrote: I just witnessed the worst movie experience ever. please never ever put Chris O'Donnell in a movie again.

Joseph H (gb) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Ana V (jp) wrote: Awesome remember your roots type movie. Great for a family night movie.

Miles P (es) wrote: Awesome movie! Great story line and acting. A must see and a classic!

(jp) wrote: "Biloxi Blues is about Eugene Morris Jerome who is drafted and shipped off to boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi near the end of World War II. Right off the train Jerome immediately falls under Sgt. Toomey's shit list. Jerome is sarcastic and Toomey is a little off in the head, so they really don't mesh well together. Toomey targets Jerome for most of the film making him the outcast along with his fellow soldier Epstein, who is constantly put on latrine duty. Jerome learns a lot about himself during his time in Biloxi and has a lot of firsts. I must admit that losing his virginity has to be one of the funnier moments in the film. The way he's climbing all over her like a monkey was pretty funny. Walken and Broderick have great chemistry on screen and give really good performances. But Walken steals the show. The film is enjoyable and I really liked it. I would for sure see this again."

Martina S (jp) wrote: Ya respiramos esporas del mar de la decadencia!

cliff s (es) wrote: Went to the theatre when it was $2.50 to watch this

Steve B (au) wrote: an American gangster film with the definite stamp of Melville, great performances from the cast, moody cinematography and complex plot all at to the enjoyment.

Trudy M (es) wrote: Don't care what any of you think, I love this movie and never stopped watching it when it was released. Great cast and just love Rob Lowe!!

Max G (mx) wrote: Perhaps one of my personal favorites for movies. Drumline is everything I love about competition and music. Guts, desire, passion, and execution. The final drumline battle has you at the edge of your seat till the end. Its difficult to put into words how tough drumline is. So I will say this, you better be able to handle criticism, and this movie sure can handle it.

Toni S (us) wrote: Closest to a dogma95 film Hollywood can produce. Ends up being both rather disappointing as an art film and as an alternative bit of entertainment. Still quite a bold move for most of the actors involved.