Love Finds A Home

Love Finds A Home

In this sequel, Lillian has been adopted and it's several years later. Annie, married and pregnant, visits her fellow doctor friend, Dr. Owen. Dr Owen desperately wants a baby, but seems unable to become pregnant. Lillian finds a love interest, an assistant to her adoptive dad, the latter has become quite overprotective.

Her best friend Annie is about to give birth, and Belinda has agreed to monitor her as she carries the baby to term. But Belinda and her husband Lee, find their own relationship suffering over Belinda's inability to get pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (au) wrote: "People do change" [16 Blocks]Favorite movie, ever.

Isaiah H (au) wrote: One of the best zombie films!!!

Private U (kr) wrote: hahahahahaha, thank god for ryan finding this movie. one of the funniest horror flicks you will ever see. even though this is the worst made and acted film ive seen in the last few years, i have loads of appreciation for the peope who made this, cuz i love to laugh. the scene with the dude in the hot tub, is brilliantly stupid. me and my buddy watched that scene literaly about 15 consecutive times

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