Love for Sale

Love for Sale

This sexy comedy proves that sometimes too much of a good thing can be the worst thing for you. Trey (Jackie Long, ATL) is a young deliveryman who can't seem to catch a break. His whole life is a shambles - no money for college and no game to attract the ladies. After a failed attempt to get together with the girl of his dreams (singer Mya, Shall We Dance), Trey gets caught up by a seductive older woman (Melyssa Ford, Three Can Play That Game) who pays for his "personal delivery services." He's having the time of his life - at first, but this deceptively ideal situation soon sends his life spinning out of control!

Love for Sale is a romantic comedy about Trey (Jackie Long), a twenty-something delivery guy that can't seem to catch a break. Trey's whole life is in shambles- no money for college, girls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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