Love Forbidden

Love Forbidden

Rodolphe Marconi writes, directs, and stars in the coming-out drama Défense d'Aimer (Love Forbidden). Marconi plays Bruce, a young student from Paris who accepts a fellowship in Rome. He takes a flat at the Villa Medicis and writes full time. He eventually meets Italian native Matteo (Andrea Necci) and develops feelings for the man. However, Bruce is confused because Matteo also seems interested in the American student Irene (Irene D'Agostino). Love Forbidden premiered in the U.S. at the 2003 New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Bruce leaves his girlfriend behind in Paris for an arts fellowship that will allow him to live and work in Rome. Staying at a villa that once belonged to the Medici and being allowed to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (ca) wrote: One line summary: Brave pregnant woman searches for her missing husband amidst corruption.----------------------------- The film opens with some experiments on rats. Looks like nerve gas. Soon thereafter, there is a mass death on a train when a vial of the stuff is broken in one of the cars. End segment. Vidya travels from London, UK to Kolkata, West Bengal, IN to find her husband. He talked to her everyday since he left London, up until about two weeks previous. At the first the police have no idea. The place where he worked claimed he worked says they made no assignments for him, and he did not report to them. The police suggest a body; she does not recognise it. She and the police go to where his uncle lived, but no one will say that they know of him. They get the same sort of response at the school where he did his studies in youth. The cops investigate the airline records; no one of his name left London nor arrived in Kolkata on the given dates. Vidya reached out to Agnes, who does some digging, but finds locked files. Oi. She remembers a man with another name (Milan Damji) who looked just like Vidya's picture of her husband. Soon thereafter, Agnes is murdered. A police official (Khan) who is targeting the company NDC interviews her about her relationship to Agnes. The experiments at the beginning of the film were done at NDC. Khan and his boss reach out to outlier intelligence personnel to solve the crime of the rail attack. The bad guys attempt to scare Vidya with a visit from the man who assassinated Agnes. Vidya and Rana continue to investigate her husband's real movements before he disappeared. Will Vidya find out the truth? Is her husband still alive? Will the miscreants be brought to justice?------Scores------- Cinematography: 6/10 Lots of VHS level shooting, lots of amateurish footage. Sound: 8/10 Mostly fine, but some of the incidental music is annoying to say the least. Acting: 7/10 Reasonable. The is mostly a one-woman show, but the one woman is not nearly stellar enough to carry a two hour movie. The long-suffering Parambrata Chatterjee gave a good performance, which almost counterbalanced the rotten work of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Saswata Chatterjee as the assassin was not very believable either. Screenplay: 0/10 Absurd. The bad guys could have defused this at many junctures with relative ease. A single knife thrust, for instance, and no one would be left who cared enough to keep the investigation going. So, this is PC nonsense with an unconvincing lead. The last five minutes were the worst in that regard.

John H (br) wrote: I love Forrest Whittaker and he does a fine job. The story has a Forrest Gump quality that intrudes periodically.

Jim L (it) wrote: How could anyone say this is a bad movie? I loved it!!!

Prabhjot S (br) wrote: Mediocre plot and uninteresting screenplay. There is nohing about the movie that might make on want to watch it. Last words: Don't bother buy tickets or the DVD, just watch it on tv or something when it gets there.

Jennie R (gb) wrote: On its own, it is not a bad movie. Sharon Stone is a cool crafty Character and you are just not sure if she did it or not. Linked to the first movie, this is a disjointed sequel. It doesnt flow with the first and seems deflated. The cast is impressive as actors that have made it big recently on television and they do well with this. David Morrissey gives a rich depth to his character. He is able to show the wall of professionalism slowly crumble as Stone picks at it ever so deftly. Worth the watch if only to see some of the acting work of Morrissey or Hugh Dancy.

WS W (us) wrote: Original novel was a bestseller in France. Dai Sijie, the writer, adapted & directing his semi-autobiographical novel into a film as well. The outcome is fairly ok; just too fragmented, long & detailed at the first half. More film languages should have been used instead of such monotonous narrative as existing. Dai had simply & directly transplanted every word from the book to the film. Thus, the whole feature was just filled up with non-stop monologue or dialogue which leaves almost no space for reviewers to think or receiving.

Hardik C (br) wrote: great movie! shahrukh u rock!

James S (ru) wrote: So the world's going to come to an end in less than a year. You have time to build a pace ship to save a small part of humanity. Who goes? This was the overall question and the drinving force behind this movie. Yes, the movie is over 50 years old, and the dialogue shows it. Nevertheless, the question does make one think. A classic in its own right, and it changed science fictions movies for ever.

Jess L (it) wrote: Takes a while to get into but incredibly enjoyable once you get into the flow of it.

Kyle M (br) wrote: A DC Comics animated feature with an average entertaining value and same qualities. However, it can't be like that every time so it's a task to not have the qualities be the same and this film done a successful job of accomplishing such task. The animation and characterization are great as ever, while the final, climatic showdown was mesmerizing. The film also followed the quality of having a nice heart in the genre. (A-)(Full review coming soon)