Love Happy

Love Happy

The Marx Brothers help young Broadway hopefuls when they get mixed up with gangsters due to a tin of sardines containing Romanoff diamonds.

The Marx Brothers help young Broadway hopefuls while thwarting diamond thieves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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dfg d (kr) wrote: Lake Tahoe is interestingly slow paced, occasionally funny and understatedly moving. The film is almost a butterfly effect about loss/grievance and becoming an adult. Theres almost no music and the main character displays little emotion for most of the movie, so when he does its unexpected. I've come to admire the honesty in Mexican and South American cinema.

James H (jp) wrote: I am a little surprised at the generally negative reviews of this film. I thought it was pretty good. It had atmosphere, some good scares and an eerie feel about it. The performances were fine and the pacing was good.

Jim F (kr) wrote: I don't remember no 'passive aggressive smurf'

Scott W (it) wrote: One or two laughs but that's about it.

Anthony K (ru) wrote: The proto Inception that surpasses the Chris Nolan blockbuster in every sense. Philosophers and fans of Ted Talks who can stomach a nonlinear, avant garde presentation will find much to like here. Further proof that Linklater is a stellar filmmaker who still goes sadly unnoticed.

Brandon C (jp) wrote: Noir at its best. Great performances all around. Remember when Nic Cage was this good? Remember JT Walsh? Wow!

Lynne K (gb) wrote: I loved this...northeastern accents, the whole bit...hilarious!

Chris S (ca) wrote: I don't know why I've waited this long to watch this underrated Disney movie! It's got fun characters and great music from Alan Menken (as always).

Stephen H (gb) wrote: Bergman does this well. I can't decide between this and "Through a Glass Darkly"; they are both excellent. The pastor's crisis of faith is one of the best portrayals of religion I've seen; kudos to Bjornstrand's performance.

Jacob B (fr) wrote: Even though this film is criticized by many, I think of it as a timeless masterpiecPr

Toby C (fr) wrote: In all honesty, this film has many problems from its visual effects to its pacing and emotion. It is pretty messy for the most part, but is not all terrible.

Peter L (us) wrote: My Rating: 3/5 stars; Grade: B-; Gesture: Thumbs Sideways; Status: Passable (Fresh); Emoticon: :-I.

David S (ru) wrote: The Anomaly is a struggle to watch. It takes itself very seriously, has an interesting idea of a story, but cannot grasp nor convince the viewer. The mediocre at best acting can be blamed, or the roughly shot fight scenes, that seem theatrical at best. Noel Clarke and all the fellow actors have tried their best as is evident, however, the movie reeks of B-grade, and it can't seem to achieve what it set out to achieve.

Gregory M (us) wrote: This was such an interesting movie! I decided to finally watch it in the most fitting period, as I have recently watched "The Crown" TV series and the Royal family is now one of my latest obsessions. Period dramas are always a favorite pass time of mine, and monarchies and royals always fascinated me, so all I'm trying to say is that there could never have been a better time for me to watch this movie. I loved every frame of it and every second of it was pure agony. Firth managed to portray the whole scale of King George's emotions and all whilst showing us the true nature of the man's problem. Rush was simply amazing and Bonham Carter was astonishing in her supporting role. I love art when it depicts the human side of the royals and this movie does so with the outmost repsect. It was really interesting, very well made and brilliantly directed! I loved it!

Evan L (ag) wrote: A cool vampire film. Hip and stylish.