Love Impossible

Love Impossible

A north korean guy and a south korean girl must work together in joined discovery team of the historical tomb in China. Can both cooperate with each other?

In this romantic comedy, a playboy from Seoul falls in love with a beautiful stranger from North Korea... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott V (jp) wrote: Brilliant show! Deep issues dealt with. Fantastic music, rites of passage stuff, indigenous issues.

Kevin N (ca) wrote: Though it often seems a little long even for its brief seventy-three minute running time, this dramatic film noir, directed by the hugely talented (and economical) Robert Wise, has moments of intensity and melodrama that make it very much worth the time. The film is set up to pretty much unravel in real time, specifically over the course of about an hour, and it centers itself around a boxer who finds out too late that he was supposed to throw a match for the benefit of a big time gangster's wallet. But he finds out in enough time, and his dignity gets the best of him, and that's where the film gets interesting- and actually quite brutal. As it turns out, for almost every minute of the film, Bill "Stoker" Thompson (Robert Ryan) takes a beating. He takes it in the ring and out, in his love life, by his manager, from a group of gangsters. By the end of the picture he has to literally crawl home to his wife. But the film raises some interesting questions about how much of a beating it requires to live straightly in such a crooked world. Thompson seemingly does everything right, morally, and yet he barely survives the hour. Most boxing films portray their fighters as animals, roughnecks, brutes on the edge of town. But in one of the movie's most telling scenes, the locker room in back of the boxing ring is filled with hope and camaraderie as the boxers pump each other up, give each other hope. Yes, 'The Set-Up' is a movie "about" boxing, but don't let that facade fool you; it is every bit a scrutiny on the way all of us live our lives, and a study on what it means to be clean.

Scott J (fr) wrote: We get it, you're trying to intentionally make a bad movie.

Toby E (nl) wrote: Something off track for those who are looking away from the main stream.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Interesting, moving movie. Original plot, well directed. Jordi Molla and Leonor Watling are great in the lead roles. Watling is stunningly beautiful.

Spencer H (kr) wrote: Scary, dark, disturbing, hard to watch, but it's a must see for everyone.

luke g (br) wrote: Good film with good twists

Ulises C (ca) wrote: Simple and heartfelt.

Donald C D (gb) wrote: Better than Bridge over the River Kwai and I mean that! Definitely underrated.

Olga T (ag) wrote: still can't believe lower east side was such a trashy place back then

Lee P (es) wrote: An 80's drama with a young JT.

Yunhi O (fr) wrote: Genuine. "The Intouchables" resonates with it.