Love in Magic

Love in Magic

The story is of a playboy who has, through an unavoidable circumstance, run into a woman from his past. Woo Ji Hoon makes a living as a magician and nothing is easier for him than attracting beautiful women. He has an irresistible charm that draws all females to his side like a magnet - all but one, the charming teacher Koo Hee Won. Ji Hoon tried to make her his latest love possession but was bluntly turned down. As luck would have it both Hee Won and Ji Hoon can't resist the temptation of arranging a blind date on the Internet setting in motion a firework of hilarious consequences.

The story is of a playboy who has, through an unavoidable circumstance, run into a woman from his past. Woo Ji Hoon makes a living as a magician and nothing is easier for him than ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan H (gb) wrote: Liked this movie. Wondering what's next. Nice twist.

Blind P (us) wrote: Witty and urbane people of all ages walk through the melodramatic paces and no matter how much they drink, their bottles are always full. Whine and meander with them, and stand in line with others who like this movie, defined as the crowd that excuses themselves to the bathroom to fart, but orgasm to their own smell. A lot of high priced talent working a high school play script, there is nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of other existential drone films that wrap up so nice and neatly that one could swear it was made by Touchstone.

Scott A (au) wrote: Like Guy Ritchie directing a Kevin Smith film. ish.

Noname (ru) wrote: A Woody Allen movie and there is that special feeling like his other movies. Its a drama / romance movie with Javier Bardem ( No country for old men ) , Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz in the roles. This is not quite my fav genre but time to time i watch them. Its a well made movie with a decent story mostly about love and relationship. A bit slow but interesting to follow.

Barb M (fr) wrote: Parfait pour une soiree biere, coupez le son et refaites le doublage avec vos pottes... effet comique assure (si il y a un orgue bontampi dans le coin, on peut meme refaire la BO ;)

Tristian C (ru) wrote: An average entry into the Hong Kong action thriller genre. A strong cast is wasted on a standard plot device. But it's more enjoyable than not for most of it's running time. Only for the more serious HK film lovers.

Stanley K (ru) wrote: Hideous waste of time and talent. Everything that can go wrong went wrong and how.

Laura G (au) wrote: this movie is an insta-classic!!!

Ming Siu G (kr) wrote: It does have some genuinely moving moments, thanks to the great chemistry between the cast. But Osment is reduced to a "fantasy-generating machine" for much of the movie, and those sequences just don't work at all for me, either in tone or action or dialogue.


Kevin C (ru) wrote: Movie night with Iris.All the cool kids pick this as their favourite Brat Pack movie, which is interesting as it has no discernible plot. And the cool soundtrack is on mute. That said Ringwald shines, it's amusing; and it moves along at a decent pace.

KJ P (it) wrote: Building off of "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes," Battle does for this series what many great sequels have done in the past, making the set-up even better once you get to the action. Everything that happens in this film is for a purpose, even if it brushes through everything quickly due to it's very low budget. The budget has been noticeable in this entire series, and that has always been a downfall, but I rather enjoy how everything looks at times. Every one of these films had their one moment to shine, and this film delivers more of that once again. Sure it's dumb and lazy at times, but it's a satisfying conclusion to a very up and down series. This saga was very enjoyable.

Kevin M (us) wrote: Oh boy is this bad. Don't waste any time on this one. The story line is absurd.

Josip P (es) wrote: It is a great what if film. Accent is, to my thinking, on inability of a repressive governing system to effectively and ultimately control the freedom of its subjects however harsh it is.The story is pure fiction but at same time so real. Any repressive system can be placed in place of this system and film would still make sense.Rutger Hauer is prefect as only he can and honestly I could not picture anyone else for that role. That one was his role and he delivered perfectly.