Love in Paradise

Love in Paradise

When a Western movie star is forced to spend a PR weekend at a dude ranch, his fans are horrified to learn he's actually a city slicker who's afraid of horses and has never been west of the Hudson River.

Father and daughter Casey and Heather Twain own and operate Paradise Ranch| a combination working/5-star dude ranch outside of Big Sky| Montana| the dude part of the
ranch which is just about to open for the season. They decide to hire actor Avery Ford for a promotional event to mark the opening| Avery the star of the "Aim to
Please" series of westerns| which Casey| a once famous cowboy in his own right| loves. What the Twains have failed to tell Avery or his agent Candace is that the
ranch| whose 5 stars are based solely on authenticity and not luxuries| has been losing more and more business each year| where another failing year will mean the
loss of the ranch| which has been in the family for generations. The PR event is a last ditch effort to have a good enough season to pay off their creditors. An
amoral developer named Guthrie is just waiting for the ranch to fail so that he can buy it for a song and turn it into condos| despite he coming from a ranching
background himself. In ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob V (br) wrote: A mindblowing silent film, with a cast and crew existing entirely out of native islanders, exceptions being the two directors. With disarming natural performances, and a wonderfully evocative soundtrack, this movie - which I honestly found to sound dull as a brick on sight - is really something special.I sincerely doubt it could be made better by adding sound.

Jenn B (au) wrote: Absolutely terrible. I kept waiting for something to happen... and then it was over.

Stafford V (mx) wrote: Very well written, great acting with extremely belivable performences. Very disturbing

Alex S (nl) wrote: really informative and scary

Emily S (nl) wrote: It is a good movie that is what my mum said

Albany P (de) wrote: Loved it! A five star movie that had me on the edge of my seat during the last 5 minutes. My only criticism: Where did all the heavy duty construction equipment come from?

Peter S (kr) wrote: Aside from the acting and directing, this was awful! And so freaking predictable!What else could you expect from a film that's as dark as its characters. When you don't care about the characters in the film nothing else works. And who would want to care about these people anyway. There's not a bit of hope or sunshine in them it's all selfish filled with self loathing. A better ending would have been both of them sharing a bath with a toaster, then at least I would have felt paid back for the crap I wasted my time seeing.This is just another cry baby movie. The critics gave it a good rating. Which tells me there aren't any real film critic out there who know anything about films anymore. They review films like little league, everyone is a winner.Am no professional film critic but I do know when am watching predictable crap and it is.