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Love in Paradise

  • Language:English
  • Release:2016
  • Length:84 minutes
  • IMDB link:Love in Paradise
  • Upload time:2017-07-17 06:09:29

. . In . An
amoral developer named Guthrie is just waiting for the ranch to fail so that he can buy it for a song and turn it into condos| despite he coming from a ranching
background himself. The PR event is a last ditch effort to have a good enough season to pay off their creditors. What the Twains have failed to tell Avery or his agent Candace is that the
ranch| whose 5 stars are based solely on authenticity and not luxuries| has been losing more and more business each year| where another failing year will mean the
loss of the ranch| which has been in the family for generations. They decide to hire actor Avery Ford for a promotional event to mark the opening| Avery the star of the "Aim to
Please" series of westerns| which Casey| a once famous cowboy in his own right| loves. Father and daughter Casey and Heather Twain own and operate Paradise Ranch| a combination working/5-star dude ranch outside of Big Sky| Montana| the dude part of the
ranch which is just about to open for the season