Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

Lovestruck conservatory student Adriane pretends to be just as much as a cosmopolitan lover as the worldly mature Frank Flannag hoping that l’amour will take hold.

French private investigator Claude Chavasse discovers his client's wife has been having an affair with an American playboy, Frank Flannagan. Claude is hired to entrap Frank but things turn complicated when his daughter falls for Frank too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Love in the Afternoon torrent reviews

Jenna I (fr) wrote: I'm really mixed on this movie. On one hand I didn't love the actors and the time jump in the middle is super jarring in a bad way that makes you wonder if the DVD is skipping or what. It was also a bit of a slog to watch in general. On the other hand, this bleak-ass movie has been improving in my mind the more I think about it. The best scenes are his first meeting with the dean and then his mothers speech about avoiding certain types of women. Both are fascinating and honestly make the entire film. The speech with the dean is also interesting in that it gives you two ways to view the movie: it's either a story about an unGodly man making wrong decisions getting what he deserves. Or it's an existential movie about how nothing matters and you deserve nothing out of life, no matter how great you think you are. All in all, depressing and maybe an unnecessary story with a couple of good monologues in between.

Claire K (nl) wrote: From the start till the end thrilling. It's been a long time since I 've seen such an action movie without special effects and graphics. I loved the direction and all of the cast. I'm totally recommending it.

Julien C (fr) wrote: Les sketchs sont difficilement transposable au cinma et ce film en est la preuve. Le sketch de 15 minutes ne tient pas la route sur 1h30. Dommage, la bande annonce laissait plein d'espoir mais tout est dj montr...

France W (jp) wrote: I think this movie is great.

Stephen C (au) wrote: A very fun super hero movie that slowly builds up. It was a bit like a mix of CJ-7 and Spider-man.. if that makes any sense. I so want a Zebraman action figure!

rihan20 d (br) wrote: love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar A (nl) wrote: He visto esta pelicula una vez nada mas, y es muy interesante la trama y en si toda la historia de la pelicula. Es extraordinario ver como se logra en este film, exponer los mundos tan diferentes de los protagonistas. He querido verla de nuevo pero no encuentro ni el dvd, y no la pasan en los canales de cable ni en los teatros. Sin embargo seguire buscando.

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Canadian production from the future director of Porky's with Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigating a series of murders by Jack the Ripper.

Francis M (ru) wrote: Harmless rip off of the Star Wars success.

Jessi t (de) wrote: Interesting, to say the least.

Cheryl T (ag) wrote: this is about a 9 year old autistic boy that ends up being on some givenment hit list because he understood a government code hidden in a geeks puzzle book. kinda crazy but a good story about someone caring enough to save this kid. Alot of language and blood though.

Christopher Llewellyn R (jp) wrote: As with all other Edward Burns films I have seen, this movie had lots of clumsy bits. The writing was also hardly filled with scintillating bits of dialogue. And yet . . . there were moments of genuine feeling here, and better performances than I was expecting. By the end of the film, when the family decides to reconcile for Christmas, I actually found myself with a tear in my eye. But then . . . Burns had to almost ruin it with an ill-conceived and badly executed ending dinner scene, in which he tried to make a bad modern arrangement of "Veni Veni Emmanuel" do the emotional heavy lifting for him. Oh, well. That flub does not take away from what works, earlier.If you like family dramas, enhanced with ethnic specificity, then you might just really enjoy the picture. Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" meets "In America," and be grateful that Burns has come a long way, as both a director and actor, since "The Brothers McMullen" and "She's the One." He's appealing, most of the other actors are appealing, and if you can ignore the missteps, you'll emerge after 110 minutes feeling pretty good.A final note: this is a film that you can either choose to see in theaters, or watch on Video-on-Demand (VOD). As such, it is a potential harbinger of distribution models to come (though not the first film to try this out). Choose your platform, and see which you prefer.

stephanie g (jp) wrote: I'm looking forward to see this movie Netflix us come on put this on streaming please! :)