Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera

In Colombia just after the Great War, an old man falls from a ladder; dying, he professes great love for his wife. After the funeral, a man calls on the widow - she dismisses him angrily. Flash back more than 50 years to the day Florentino Ariza, a telegraph boy, falls in love with Fermina Daza, the daughter of a mule trader.

When Florentino Ariza (Javier Bardem) sees Fermina Daza (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) through a villa window, it is love at first sight. But when rejected, he devotes much of his adult life to carnal affairs as a desperate attempt to heal his broken heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love in the Time of Cholera torrent reviews

Angelo F (br) wrote: Good film and story.

Milo R (de) wrote: Riveting and edge of your seat thrills with great twists. A well made movie!

Jed C (nl) wrote: Not perfect but a great film!

Jonathan H (ca) wrote: La idea parece buena, pero muuuuy mal ejecutada... ademas que las preguntas son puras obviedades y los acertijos son demasiado simples (talvez para hacer creer al expectador que lo pudieron resolver antes que los de la pelicula)Chafa.

ashley h (gb) wrote: I found this movie to be hilarious

Orhan D (kr) wrote: This film is remake "An Affair to Remember" by 1957

Commish G (jp) wrote: [b][font=Comic Sans MS][size=3][color=darkgreen]Wow! I really liked the Arrival so this was a big disappointment. Bad acting, bad writing and really bad directing. You know what though, any alien taking over the world story is interesting LOL.[/color][/size][/font][/b]

John T (kr) wrote: I really liked this one. It's a "true indie" flick about.... lesbians...

Jimbo S (br) wrote: Depends how much of Bob Hope's humour you can stand. This is a decent example of it, although it's not quite my cup of tea, it's not unwatchable.

Brad B (us) wrote: Simply one of the most boring films Iv'e ever seen! Terrible acting! And the worst editing jobs and restoration jobs i have ever seen for a movie! This only gets a half a star because at times this films so bad its comical!

BRUNO V (ru) wrote: De Niro great again , just okee story ...but nothing special 2de watch , an extra half star ...

Korie K (ca) wrote: I think this movie might be interesting.

Jasen L (gb) wrote: There's a lot of story to tell here and not a lot of time to tell it. This is a "true life" crime thriller, comedy and suspense drama all rolled into one movie. The key to making it all cohesive is the editing which is quick and flashy and well suited to the subject matter. Luke Wilson is unassuming enough to pull off the family man/ pornographer and his first person narrating helps to move things along. Great supporting cast in Giovanni Ribisi, James Caan and Laura Ramsey. Lots of glitz, glam and TnA . A fun fast paced look at the beginnings of internet porn.