Love is All

Love is All

A romantic comedy told with a set of interwoven Christmas tales about life, love, forgiveness and caring. A heroic vagrant becomes a TV sensation Santa Claws, while a prince takes a menial job at a department store to woo his sweetheart.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Dutch,English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rescue,   prince,   melodrama,  

LOVE IS ALL Klaasje has divorced Dennis, who cheated on her with a school teacher. Dennis would like her back, but when she moves in with a young lover it looks as if he has missed the boat... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent G (kr) wrote: psychedelic-stupidisimooo!!! Mr Oizo & SebastiAn, noizyyyy!!!Shivers!!!!!

Cristi B (us) wrote: ma asteptam la mai multa muzik

Faith E (mx) wrote: i walked out 20 minutes in. i DO NOT do gory movies.and this was seriously gory and disguisting.

Thomas G (mx) wrote: Awesome is the perfect word to describe this movie ! One of the best thriller of the 2000's.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: ***It's not as good as the previous Jack Ryan movie, Patriot Games, but Clear and Present Danger still benefits from the fantastic performance given by Harrison Ford, and also the performance of Willem Dafoe in a supporting role.

Zach M (kr) wrote: An enjoyable sex comedy with elements of sci-fi. Has lots of funny moments and nudity, exactly what you want out of these kind of movies.

Eduardo C (mx) wrote: Landmark film is a cornerstone of world cinema. Master Mizoguchi's penultimate film made just 2 years before his death is about the lives of slaves in feudal Japan, has such pathos it creates an emotional intensity virtually unequaled in the history of film. Film shows how evil and depraved mankind in the pursuit of money and power. Sansho the Bailiff is the name of the evil, torturer slave owner with over 100 slaves under his control. He is so evil his own son who will supposedly inherit everything secretly despises him, and yet Mizoguchi's mastery and style of filmmaking is such that Sansho is strangely likeable. It's in the way Mizoguchi made his films. He shows you immense beauty, in the trees, in the waters, in the hills, in the mountains, in the trails, in the sky, in the animals while simultaneously showing us immense brutality. It's a misnomer, like a serene nightmare. Many legendary scenes are here, many of which are sure to haunt you for the rest of your life if you see this film just once. The film centers on a noble family of a former governor. A governor who was benevolent, kind and merciful with the peasants, but some evil person decides he is not being loyal to the warlord in doing so. So, his power is taken away, the peasants riot on his behalf but many are brutally killed as a result. His wife is sold into prostitution , and his young children are sold into slavery under Sansho's heel in 11th century Japan. The most haunting scene is when Kyoko Kagawa, the daughter, now having endured slavery for about 15 years, now a healthy and beautiful young woman commits suicide by walking into the lake to drown herself after helping her brother escape Sansho. She does it because she knows she will be tortured by Sansho into telling where her brother is hiding. It's in the loving way Mizoguchi films her suicide that is truly haunting. Another legendary scene is when her brother (now the new governor) comes back to search for his sister and to liberate all of Sansho's slaves begging forgiveness of an old man (slave for more than 50 years) that he himself tortured under Sansho's orders. The most legendary scene might be the ending in which he finds his mother, feeble and blind, due to all the torture she endured because of her many escape attempts, and her initial refusal to recognize her own son.

aiden t (kr) wrote: A lot of the movie falls flat, but seeing Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole make complete asses of themselves is good enough for me.

Kelli B (kr) wrote: Growing up obsessed with Star Blazers I was beyond thrilled to hear of this movie being made. I finally got a chance to watch it and really enjoyed it, although I'd gone into the viewing thinking it would follow a bit more to the animated version. The only part I really graded down on was the ending which, considering the circumstances, dragged a bit.