Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange

After 39 years together, Ben and George finally tie the knot, but George loses his job as a result, and the newlyweds must sell their New York apartment and live apart, relying on friends and family to make ends meet.

The film follows Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) who must experience difficulties when George loses his job and they have to look for a cheap house. What challenges must they face to maintain their love after four decades together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo R (br) wrote: Gripping, devastating, shocking yet surprisingly tender. A story about the depths of a mother's love and her children's journey to know the truth about where they came from.

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Grant S (fr) wrote: Not a great movie, but hard to dislike. Fairly conventional against-all-odds sports movie, with a tragedy as background. Furthermore, it feels overwrought. Everything is over-dramatized and over-sentimentalized. The director blatantly manipulates the audience with syrupy sentiment and grandiose gestures.However, it is difficult to dislike. The whole pulling-oneself-up-by-one's-bootstraps plot is well done, and given due attention. There is also an emotional impact of the team's progress. And who doesn't like a good sports story, especially when it's based on a true story...?Solid performance by Matthew McConaughey in the lead role. Good support from Matthew Fox, Anthony Mackie, David Strathairn, Kate Mara and Ian McShane.

Dillinger P (nl) wrote: This adrenaline fuelled action flick has quite a lot in the thrills department to offer but its repetative nature ends up blurring it into a complex and needless mess. The basic premise see's a big day for the American president in spain where he is about to give a speach on global terror and is gunned down. We see this atrocity occur from many of the characters angles in the film. The basic premise is sound enough but the constant back tracking becomes an annoyance very quickly, the events span over half an hour and would have probably made a watchable mini series but as a film it just doesnt have enough weight in each characters department. The cast are sound enough, there is plenty of ranging talent on show, from Sigourney Weavers OB director to Forest Whitakers tourist with a video camera but with only an hour and a half, thankfully, of running time and the layout you dont get enough time to really grow towards the characters. Had this movie been done as one big fuelled action, suspence film taken from all their angles and made 20 minutes longer, we could have had something better here. However rehashing the same event 8 times from different perspectives only serves the viewer cause to guess the big reveal pretty quickly. Oh and the shock twist, with such an inclusion of nonsense just destroys the work one of the actors attempts to do, not that his role isnt paper thin already. The action and chase sequences are dealt with well and can be paced well but seeing the same thing from different angles for an hour and a half just drags after a while. It's a big typical mess by the end, with the good old american victory. With some decent talent and blood pumping sequences, this film isnt a complete failure but had it have been structured better and had a bit more room to breathe, this could have been something more enjoyable.

Tom S (fr) wrote: The first two dialogues are stirring; the third is slightly tedious; the very ending is puzzling, but such that I wanted to see it again.

Ted S (mx) wrote: I acknowledge the fact that it's really a terrible movie: the special effects are hideous, the soldiers are faceless clones, and the whole subplot with the security guard is just... BUT, the underlying plot = priceless.

Jason A (es) wrote: This is one of Don Wilson's better efforts. A decent plot, passable special effects for a z-grade DTV flick, and some polished action direction.

Sean D (it) wrote: Solid film! Original plot! Great from beginning to end!

Greg C (kr) wrote: I think if we were back in 1974, I would have loved this movie. However, watching it now I wasn't that impressed. Watching this I felt it had some 'made-for-tv' qualities to it.I think the fact that it had such a great cast, carried it through.

Carlos M (es) wrote: With a fine performance by Tom Hanks, this is a refreshing feel-good movie that is always fun and charming, even if sometimes sentimental and a bit vague about its purpose - and if you are able to overlook its flaws, you will find a captivating story of innocence and optimism.