Love Is the Drug

Love Is the Drug

Jonah Brand (John Patrick Amedori) isn't necessarily the type of guy who would interest ultra-hot Sara Weller (Lizzy Caplan). But when she and her friends find out he works at a pharmacy, they charm him into their circle and gain his trust with manipulative fawning. Jonah knows he's playing with danger, but it's tough to resist the game. Daryl Hannah and D.J. Cotrona co-star in this grizzly tale of addiction and obsession.

A love triangle among recent high school graduates proves deadly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juuso L (jp) wrote: 100% propaganda - 200% entertainment. Luved every minute of it.

Claudette A (us) wrote: A sad story of Michael Jackson. I think Jackson still had a child mentality into his adulthood because he had to grow up fast and missed out on much of his childhood. He could relate more to young children than adults and was fond being with kids, which lead many to misunderstand him. I don't believe he was ever sexual towards them but that's the way the world perceived it at the time. The lawyer who advised him to pay out with the first sexual claim, I think was an incompetent lawyer as this created a stigma against Jackson for future claims.

Gladys D (kr) wrote: Seriously, one of the worst Disney sequels I have ever seen. The story follows Wendy's daughter, Jane, as she is mistaken for her mother and is kidnapped by Captain Hook and brought to Never Land. And, that, is my main problem with this movie. When I think of a sequel to Peter Pan, I think of Wendy going back to Never Land with Peter Pan and fighting off Hook and his crew.Her daughter isn't even interesting. She's a whiny, boring, and snotty girl that doesn't even act like a girl her age. I'm throwing a random guess and I'll just say that she's 11 or 12. She acts and thinks she's an adult, but they don't even give reason as to why she's like that. They did show some past of when her father left for the war when she was younger, but that doesn't explain why she's so snotty. I guess they're trying to convey that because she doesn't have a father figure, she feels like she has to be the second adult in the house, especially when you consider that Wendy is always talking about a make believe character.But, they don't really go into it and explain it, she's just sort that. Peter Pan himself is okay. The Lost Boys can be a bit annoying, but not too bad. The only character I really hate is Wendy's daughter. She's just despicable and obnoxious. She actually makes a deal with Hook when he says that he'll take her back home if she helps him get the treasure Peter Pan has stolen from him. I mean, how stupid can a character be? Not only does she actually believe him, but she knows she's going to have to LIE to Peter and the boys in order to help Hook. Then, she goes through that whole I-was-such-a-jerk-and-now-I'm-nice-because-another-character's-life-was-on-the-line-because-of-my-stubborn-attitude phase. The movie is okay for kids if you just want to have them sit down and be babysat by the TV for an hour and a half. Seriously a disappointment to anyone who saw the first one. This film hows little-to-no Never Land, and it just really takes out any of the fun and imagination from the first one.

Benji G (jp) wrote: This movie lives and dies with Al Pacino's electric turn as Tony Montana. Pacino is easily the best part of Scarface. De Palma's direction choices didn't always agree with me, specifically some shot choices where the camera veers off of what you want to be looking at in a jarring way, almost ripping you away from the focus of some scenes. Additionally, some of the time jumps in the film felt rushed, and I wished we spent more time in some of those periods or at least explored some other avenues within those time frames. The colour palette for this film is gorgeous, using island/beach/neon colours to evoke the glamour and liveliness of Montana's lifestyle. Overall, Pacino is easily the best part of Scarface and is ultimately why the film works as well as it does.

Jennifer J (mx) wrote: This was definitely different but was very good!

neo n (jp) wrote: You know those movies that are so bad they're good? Well this is one of them. Everything about this movie screams terrible but it doesn't matter because it is so good.