Love Julinsee

Love Julinsee

A romantic about teenage love that sparks during a music festival. The film revolves around young people who find different experiences of love.

Four teen romance stories centered around a big music festival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John R (ag) wrote: At times it seems like this film is more than a low budget slasher flick, but in reality, that?s all it really is. Really low budget.

Steve T (mx) wrote: A completely horrible big piece of crap ! In fact that is an insult to big pieces of crap. A big piece of crap just sitting there, on it's own, is much funnier than this movie. Over 15 minutes of the movie was just people being kicked or pushed into a pit.

Mark W (kr) wrote: Again can someone tell me the point in yet another old horror movie (which couldnt greatly be improved on) being remade and this time with Liev Schreiber in one of the leading roles! Seriously, he sucked in Scream, and he sucked in this. Truthfully The first two Omen films were decent movies and are entertaining to watch; this scene by scene remake just felt entirely unnecessary!

Cheryl T (nl) wrote: Good, clean, funny movie :) i thouroughly enjoyed it!! Its the best version of 'the taming of the shrew' I have seen.. 10 things i hate about you is much more imature.. this one is about adults in the real world, not highschool.

Zane T (it) wrote: Who would have thought that Morgan Freeman could play a sleazy violent pimp so well. This is the man who encouraged Gen Xers to read on The Electric Company and is now considered a legend of the cinema and of the most sought after actors. Freeman's performance as well as a performance by Kathy Baker as a prostitute save this movie from the silliness which is evolved from. Basically, Christopher Reeve is a journalist who wants to do a story about a pimp, but when he can't find a source, he makes it up. Freeman's lawyer and an prosecutor both think that Reeve's story is about Freeman's character, which it isn't. This part of the movie is just ludicrous as the prosecutor keeps badgering Reeve's to give up his notes and a moronic judge jails Reeve in contempt and it's a big mess. The other part of the story where Reeve finally meets Freeman's character and sees the underbelly of crime is the most interesting. And seeing Freeman has a foul-mouth, woman hitting Yoo-hoo drinking, gold-toothed psychopath is what makes the movie worth watching.

Rafael T (us) wrote: mais um filme legal kkk

Byron B (ag) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Sarah B (us) wrote: The best Hayley Mills film, no comparison. She always was better at playing tomboys. Horst Buchholz (Magnificent Seven) is tragic, charming and utterly gorgeous all at the same time. For those who fell for the Hollywood bad boy rebels such as James Dean, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen should watch this film. I love how John Mills (Hayley's dad) seems to be in awe of his daughter in some scenes. This is an utterly utterly utterly brilliant film.

Armando B (es) wrote: It's a fun involving concept, but it tends to weaken in the mote you think about it. The dialogue seems a bit out of place for high school, but otherwise this is a great movie, good concept and intense and exciting. So for that being said I give this movie with a good performance from Joseph Gordon Levitt, I give "Brick"a C.

stefn birgir s (br) wrote: A british swinging 60s horror flick with a, very, elderly Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and a blue witch (or something) played by Barbara Steele. nothing really makes sense, due to a crap script and the starpower is totally waisted.

Tim C (us) wrote: I'm a Sudeikis fan, but I wish he'd make better choices than this.

Rob S (ag) wrote: Quirky little comedy that asks you to believe in the impossible. Some good chuckles and some sweet scenes between Plaza and Duplass, but nothing really of substance. But it's easy to sit through.

EmilyJane H (de) wrote: i love this movie its on my top 100 movies because i like so many and i cant always choose a favorite