Love Letters

Love Letters

When a man asks another man more facile with words to do his wooing for him, there are always complications. The man with no talent for writing marries the girl, confesses one night he didn't write the letters and ends up with a knife in his back. The writer of the letters fell in love with the woman he wrote to and wants to become her second husband even if she did murder husband number one. Singleton doesn't remember the murder or anything about the first 22 years of her life as Victoria Remington. Then at her second wedding she wonders why she said "I take you, Roger," instead of "I take you, Allen."

Allen Quinton writes a fellow soldier's love letters; tragedy results. Later, Allen meets a beautiful amnesiac who fears postmen... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandre L (kr) wrote: Filmasso! Mostra como realmente o "buraco (C) mais embaixo", ou seja, o problema da violncia e do trfico nas favelas est dentro de um contexto maior que engloba a corrupo e interesses ocultos de outras classes da sociedade.O filme transmitiu, nas entrelinhas, que a nica forma de vencer o sistema seria a conscientizao da populao brasileira, que det (C)m o maior poder do pais, que seria o voto democrtico. Altamente recomendado.

Todd S (de) wrote: The daughters of Bruce Willis and Greg Evigan team up in Sorority Row, a remake of the 1983 Horror classic, The House on Sorority Row. The remake is of course modernized and takes the classic independent horror film to the next level, with terrific effects, increased levels of fright and gore, and of course a ton of beautiful people. Where is this college and how soon can I apply?! Every guy and girl featured in the film, with the exception of Carrie Fisher, could be models, despite being well passed the age of most college students. The story starts out much like the original film does, with a Sorority prank that goes horribly wrong. The girls decide to cover up the incident and put it behind them, but at a large cost to their sisterhood. A year later, at the same party, someone knows what happened last year, and have decided to make the whole Sorority pay for their crimes. This film is a classic 'who done it' mashed together with a slasher film, and the results are pure excitement. The truth is that most of these film don't have much in the way of a story line and the killer is obvious to everyone, but not this time. This film is very reminiscent of Scream, and it really had me on the edge of my seat. A good Horror film is hard enough to find, but one with all that suspense and a compelling story to follow, that's worth it's weight in gold! Sorority Row is a perfect choice for those who want to spend Halloween, in front of the TV watching a scary movie!

Simon T (mx) wrote: 'The Desolation of Smaug' is exciting and visually amazing, but the second chapter of the Hobbit-trilogy could be better.

Vlast M (mx) wrote: ...a waste of money!... Its a pitty cause the film could have had potential!

Jobin B (fr) wrote: Terrific comedy film

Emma D (ag) wrote: OH GOD DO I WANT TO KNOW? rated Schneider's worst film... IT MUST BE BAD.

MEC r (es) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Kurt N (ca) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. I can definitely see how it was very progressive for the time it came out, and the performances by the primary cast is rock solid. Having said that, the appearance of Jay and Silent Bob in the film is so arbitrarily put in that it just seems abrupt. Furthermore, Chris Smith trying to act "casual, but philosophically impactful," is so unnatural. I'm not saying he isn't this way, it's just that watching his performance I am so consciously aware that he is acting that it takes away from whatever message he's actually trying to convey is diluted. Considering that this is supposed to be the climax of the story--both revealing why the movie is called what it is called, and to have the main character essentially have an epiphany, it just falls flat.

Tanya S (us) wrote: Didn't get it. Bizarre is right...

James C (jp) wrote: When their energy begins to fail, the puppets decide to reanimate their creator for help, but things do not go as they plan.The second entry in the 'Puppet Master' franchise is still a great film, but as with all direct sequels, it loses a little something compared to the original. I was not expecting a masterpiece of movie making, but the storyline just seems to have a little less to keep you occupied and it even drags a little in places. But the main problem is the fact that there is an even smaller cast, and this means that puppets have less to do, which is one of the main reasons the fans watch these movies. As with the previous entry, the puppets do have their moment at the end which is always good to see, and it also marks the first appearance of Torch. If you are a 'Puppet Master' fan, this is still a worthy entry, but it is just shy of being as good as the first.

Alex W (es) wrote: not bad for an 80's movie. I would say the jokes work about half the time. Saying there all geniuses so they can invent anything is pretty much a cop out creatively, not that its a serious film by any means.

AD V (au) wrote: Wildly uneven 80's slasher with huge gaps in both logic and plot. The mask and the toilet scene however are to be commended.

Rebecca B (de) wrote: Just a classic and very funny. Me and my mother watched again the other night, and its such a dear film. I love Father ( Clarence) and his tantrums. Elizabeth Taylor is just a doll in this film.. Many famous Actors and very innocent. A Charming film for the Whole family. Oh ps. I think it so funny how irene Dunne handles and talks about Credit and family money affairs. Too funny

Bruno V (au) wrote: Very good time seeing this one ! Great Performance of De Niro again , also from PS Hoffman (R.I.P) , allthough i don't like man to be that girlie girlie . But great story anyway ! My nr31-movie of De Niro ...SOMDVD