Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding

Jack the Ripper terrorizes London in 1888. The young talented journalist Catherine Winwood begins her first job. The relationship between Catherine and the surgeon Jonathan Stevens threatens to shatter, as her fiancé may be involved in the gruesome murderer of young prostitutes in the Whitechapel district. But Inspector Frederick Abberline arrests another suspected surgeon ..

As the 19th century draws to an end London is a city ravaged by poverty, class warfare, disease and unspeakable crime. Amidst the chaos is Catherine Ringward, a beautiful young woman, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie R (ru) wrote: From a drama movie standpoint, this was a good movie. The story was interesting and moved at a steady pace but this was listed as a horror movie and was billed as being from the same people who did "Ringu". With that being said, there is a totally different expectation one has for this film. It does not evoke fear or the need to turn a light on. It does have a little creepy flair to it but for the most part, this is just a dramatic love lost story. This would be a great break-up/revenge type movie!

M H (fr) wrote: This was not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, the narm charm of the B-movie wasn't enough to make it good, just a guilty pleasure.

Keith R (es) wrote: I'd love to see another Daryl Zero flick!

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Based upon the 1992 novel by Steve Szilagyi, this is a dark fantasy based on the Cottingley Fairies hoax. It came out around the same time as FairyTale: A True Story (1997), but while that was a family film, this is aimed squarly at adults. It's an underrated British film, although some of it is over the top. This has widowed photographer Charles Castle (Toby Stephens), who works in a cramped photography studio with assistant Roy (Phil Davis). But while at show, he see's photographs showing photographic evidence of fairies, which he is quick to dismiss. But, he is soon visited by Beatrice Templeton (Frances Barber) who shows more convincing evidence of fairies. Charles goes to investigate in their small village, but with Beatrice's daughters Ana (Miriam Grant) and Clara (Hannah Bould), who were in the photos reluctant to talk to Charles, he decides to do his own investigations. He runs into Nicholas Templeton (Ben Kingsley), a devout minister who scorns such suggestion. But, after tasting a flower that comes from a local tree, Charles begins to see the fairies for himself and he begins a decent into madness. It's a dark film, but it's beautifully shot and has a surreal dreamy quality. Stephens plays the lead well, and Kingsley hams it up as usual. :P But, it's one to catch if you can.

Aaron M (fr) wrote: I thought this was going to be more of a "moment in time" snapshot of swing club culture in the mid-90s, but is much more of a depiction of single guys being single guys, blowing smoke about life, their own coolness and (especially) how to pick up women. A few fun mid-90s references (using The Club, as seen on TV, to secure your K-car), and a bit of period swing revival music, but most of it is pretty timeless--or will be as long as single men hang out together.

Eric J (kr) wrote: Very fond childhood memories of this sci-fi allegory for Nazism. Not so well done in retrospect, but hey, it was 1983...

Ryan V (au) wrote: Way too cerebral and brainy for its own good. Somewhere here could've been a really good movie. The production design is impeccable and the performances are fine. The issues are with the script and pacing. Its more than a little disappointing that Trek fans waited so long after the show was cancelled to see these characters again, and this was what they got.

Mitun P (us) wrote: I still cant believe I have the stomach to watch Gasper Noe's first movie...the movie that technically sets the motions for I Stand Alone and Irreversible.

Jeff B (de) wrote: If this were in technicolor, this would be regarded as better than "Gone with the Wind" for sure. Bette Davis is terrific in this film set in the antebellum South. The ending scene is hauntingly beautiful.

Mary B (it) wrote: An overly dramatized illustration of a single mothers PTSD fueled descent into post-partem depression and psychosis. Not scary in the slightest, acting was excellent, directing lacked any semblance of build-up and relied on rushed cut scenes. I kept waiting for something to happen, but all I got was annoyed. The book was the best part of the story, and her ghostly gliding toward her don was the best scene.