Love Like Poison

Love Like Poison

Anna, a young teenager, comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left. Her mother is devastated and confined in the company of the local priest, who is also a childhood friend. Anna clings to her beloved grandfather. She also grows close to Pierre, a free-spirited teenager who cares little about God. Anna is preparing for her confirmation, but her budding desire for Pierre shakes her faith. She longs to give herself over, body and soul... but doesn't know if it is to God, or something else?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:French,Italian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   faith,   priest,  

Anna a young teenager comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left. Her mother is devastated and confined in the company of the local ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (fr) wrote: Text book revenge and black comedy throughout. I really enjoyed it but it was letdown by a predictable and disappointing finale.

Pamela D (kr) wrote: Hilarious. And ridiculous. But rather solid and well produced in a formulaic way, of course.

Nik M (au) wrote: It may have a rough start with its unlikeable lead and cliche (and sometimes crude) dialogue but Moon Point picks up on its spontaneous journey with good supporting characters and a good reveal in its final act. It should prove to be an enjoyable quirky film if not a comical or romantic one.

Timothy S (ca) wrote: "Nightmare Man" is more dreck that somehow made it to local cineplexes under the "Horror Fest" banner, and while I can't recommend it, it is a little better than most of the other features I've seen. The plot is completely formulaic, and there's not one original idea to be found in this dull, recycled mess, It's so disjointed that it doesn't even answer the basic question we're left with after the final plot twist is revealed. We never do find out why this guy would go to all of this hassle to kill his wife. Still, there are some decent special effects, but nothing here would raise this up to theatrical status. There are no scares, and director Rolfe Kanefsky does nothing to elevate the proceedings either. This is a bland-looking, by-the-numbers no-brainer. The only reason that this is a little more bearable is because the two female leads are hot. Tiffany Shepis is particularly attractive and she has some charisma as well. In a better movie, she might start to make a name for herself. There is a lot of sexual tension between her and co-star Hanna Putnam, and the one thing that could have made this something special is the hotly anticipated tryst between these two. Unfortunately, that never happens hence the "thumbs down" rating is securely in place. For that reason and that reason alone, "Nightmare Man" almost made an impression on me. It may not seem like much, but it is when you see how dreary the rest of this mess is.

Cedric L (fr) wrote: Charming and cute animated flick.

Ginny (es) wrote: Somewhat "like" a Japanese version of Interview with a Vampire. Japanese culture, japanese setting, wasnt that bad actually.

Bryan W (br) wrote: A movie about delinquent boys digging holes in the dessert to find a treasure long lost from a teacher who becomes an outlaw after the town killed her love interest and burned the school down. A good movie. This movie is before Shia became a crazy guy

Allen C (it) wrote: Awesome. Kind of a dull watch for a bit, but it really pays off after the film ends. I think it would be better if it didn't take the far fetched ending and just left off with Jason Lee's character just going crazy in the wilderness, but it was still pretty awesome for a delightfully low-budget film.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: It's a little overdone but the ending will always get you. Full review later.

Gab T (us) wrote: it was fun to watch this so many years later!

Aaron H (es) wrote: Anyone who didn't like this movie doesn't reserve the right to have an opinion :D Probably one of Christian Bale's best performances.

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Private U (ag) wrote: I thought this was going to be an Ugh. but it actually has it's moments.

Irvin C (us) wrote: I've been catching up on the works of Mario Bava lately and I think this might be my favorite of his so far. A witch being executed puts a curse on the bloodline of her executioner. Flashforward 200 years and she's resurrected eager to possess her good doppelganger. The film is beautifully designed and shot with really, really spooky, disturbing elements (I mean, that mask is...whoah) that mixes and matches up the vampires, ghosts and zombie legends. Also features a really chilling score.

Veniea T (es) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Johann M (es) wrote: One of the best dystopian science fiction classics of all times, thrilling and entertaining, Harrison Ford was essentially the same guy in all his earlier movies, but I liked Deckard. Now looking forward to its sequel in October. Blade Runner 2049

BJ P (au) wrote: based on true events... shockin story...