Love Me

Love Me

Love Me follows Western men and Ukrainian women as they embark on an unpredictable and riveting journey in search of love through the modern "mail-order bride" industry.

Sincere and unflinching, Love Me follows Western men and Ukrainian women as they embark on an unpredictable and riveting journey in search of love. Each character's experience exposes the myths and realities of this unique industry, . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larkin R (fr) wrote: Despite all the harsh reviews, I thought it was an alright movie. A crazy movie! Very crazy plot: mostly comedy, romance, understanding, crime and thriller.Its not extemely extra ordinary or anything. But its pretty crazy and you'd have to see it at least once.

Simon D (mx) wrote: Despite the strong cast, this was quite a let-down. It reminded me of a drawn out soap opera

Kandis A (fr) wrote: Thought this movie would be better than it was!!!

Sylvester K (it) wrote: Campiness aside, The Captive Women was an OK entry in the series, though if they could skip half of the dialogue it might have been a better film.

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: Delightful and classic screwball comedy featuring wonderful performances from the very talented cast.

Max G (gb) wrote: People who hate on this film don't get it... THIS FILM IS SPOOF! Arnold Schwarzenegger must have a good sense of humour to be able to be in a spoof of his OWN GENRE!Arnold Schwarzenegger (as he does invariably does) gives a good performance as Jack Slater. Not amazing, but he gets the job done to a high standard.This film brings the laughs, the action and everything else required for a fun action spoof. And for these reasons, I give this film a 9/10 or 4.5 stars

JordanFlynnYT (br) wrote: Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo did a great performance as Mario and Luigi. Good storyline and visuals. What confused me is that Mario and Luigi had to save Daisy instead of Peach. Another thing is that almost every character appears in live-action. Overall, this was a good movie.

Dan H (mx) wrote: Open Water is based on the true story of a husband and wife who decide to take an ill-fated scuba-diving vacation. When they surface, they find their boat is gone and that they are now adrift at sea. It isn't long before the elements start to take their toll and hungry sharks show up. The film has a real intensity and epic feeling to it. The way Open Water handled the story and the character's choices made it feel like this was all fate, and the two couldn't avoid it. Blanchard Ryan plays Susan (who has a completely unnecessary but appreciated scene of nudity) and Daniel Travis plays Daniel, the doomed couple in the film. They both put on convincing and tragic performances (and Daniel has the best reaction in the film). Real Sharks are used in this film, in fact there is no CGI at all...thank God. The film was shot on a budget of $130,000 and it shows (It has a very home movies-style look). Honestly though, I think the low budget ended up enhancing the film, as it all looks and feels more realistic. The soundtrack chosen for the film is incredibly effective as well. It is expertly directed by Chris Kentis, and it was written, edited and partially shot by him as well. He seems to know what he's doing. Open Water is a terrifying, incredibly dark film that deals with themes of fate and man vs. nature. I would say it's a masterpiece.

Bruno V (br) wrote: Great performence of Hilary Swank , Fine story ...special one SOMDVD