Love Me Forever or Never

Love Me Forever or Never

Young and recently separated couple meet in a modern house and start discussing their past relationship.

Young and recently separated couple meet in a modern house and start discussing their past relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (ag) wrote: Slow-moving and boring.

Lee H (ru) wrote: Not even good b movie material! From Serenity to this, must be sparse with script offers. Must add the the sheriff had the flattest flat top haircut I've ever seen. Get's 1 star for the stupid buggy chase and Homer Simpsons awful acting:)

Mukund S (mx) wrote: The movie is an excellent projection of gandhiji's relation with one of his sons in the background of Gandhiji as the father of the nation. The subject is justly handled with exceptional performances. The biggest success lies in projecting the complex character of Gandhiji.

Carl L (it) wrote: To describe Amy Adam's character Ashley as a firecracker would be a great injustice. She is C4 wrapped around a stick of dynamite, and she was robbed of the Oscar in 2005.

Mia L (nl) wrote: man that was a good movie


Rahul T (jp) wrote: great acting! great plot! great storyline! what happens when you combine the energetic acting of gary busey with the visionary directing of master P?? well, you get hot boyz! p.s. i only have it 4 1/2 stars because i felt that jeff speakman (aka the perfect weapon) didn't get his fair share of screentime.

Frecissimo S (br) wrote: JOE THE KING??? no idea nd U?

Kristopher E (us) wrote: Not even Dog Thomas (playing Dog Thompson) is enough to save it .

Florence (nl) wrote: Allan Quatermain (Richard Chamberlain) e Jesse Huston (Sharon Stone) voltam a se encontrar nesta aventura. Desta vez, quem est desaparecido Robeson (Martin Rabbett), irmo de Alain, que foi floresta africana em busca de uma tribo perdida. quando Quatermain descobre a Cidade do Ouro, dominada pelo terrvel tirano Agon (Henry Silva).

Tophee C (gb) wrote: Best Truffaut hands down and Brigitte Fossey in her prime at her very best !

Randy T (br) wrote: Police detective Paul Sheridan (Fred MacMurray) falls for the uber-hot girlfriend (Kim Novak) of a bank robber that he's tracking. When the girl suggests that they make off with the loot and start a new life of their own, Sheridan starts to contemplate putting a plan together that will leave him with a gorgeous woman and $200,000 cash.For a B-movie that few people have ever heard of and even fewer have ever seen, this is surprisingly good. How is it that a studio could put together two stellar leads in classic 50's film noir style and have it go virtually unnoticed for so long? This is about as underrated as a film ever gets. A true hidden gem.

Unali W (es) wrote: Al enterarse que el tranva 133, en el cual han trabajado toda su vida, ser retirado de servicio, Caireles y Tarrajas se emborrachan y deciden robarlo. Durante la noche dan servicio a un grupo eclctico de pasajeros que incluye a un catrn, un par de beatas, un profesor con sus alumnos y unos matanceros del rastro. A la maana siguiente, Caireles y Tarrajas tratan de devolver el tranva pero se enfrentan a la obstinacin de Pap Pinillos, un inspector jubilado que pretende delatarlos.

Ken C (br) wrote: A superb narrative storytelling of a rape-homicide told at a vantage point full of ambiguity through another human perception. Masterfully directed by Akira Kurasawa with impressive and fluid visual; stunning performance from all cast. Ultimately, Rashomon is about pride, greed and hope in humanity.

J K (mx) wrote: I accidentally watched this on one of our independent film channels one night not long ago. I think I was drunk or something but I could have sworn I saw a dude eat a canary. Then I looked on this movies profile page and saw the photo of a guy eating what looks like a canary. Either way, if THAT, is what you have going for you, your producer is going to lose his shirt financially.

Francisco A (au) wrote: As action-packed as it is smart. Duncan Jones is one of the strongest additions to cinema.

Heri M (gb) wrote: I the know with sure mabby yes mabye noI don't know