Love Me... Please!

Love Me... Please!


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Scott S (ag) wrote: A light and humorous comedy about life, love and pharmaceuticals. A good cast of decent actors raises this a little above mediocrity. We enjoyed it for what it was.

Steven K (nl) wrote: Worse ways to spend 84 minutes. Great crew of stars and wanna bees.

Biggums M (ag) wrote: My nigga goota wacht this movie

Leah T (br) wrote: The smurfs come to life!

Carina V (de) wrote: Magnificent! Modest but engaging Filipino tear-jerker! Magnifico tells the story of a Filipino family in Laguna struggling to survive from the perspective a young boy named Magnifico. His kuya, older brother, has lost his scholarship to study in Manila; his little sister suffers from cerebral palsy. The family learns that their Lola, grandmother, has advanced stomach cancer. They cannot afford her medicine; neither, on the other hand, can they afford her burial expenses, which would total, they estimate, nearly 30,000 pesos. Magnifico, with a touching mixture of tenderness and matter-of-fact resolution in the face of death, sets about trying to prepare for these expenses. Despite a certain tendency, shared with most Filipino dramas, for the overwrought, I found the film deeply touching. The relationshipbetween Magnifico and his little sister with cerebral palsy was particularly moving. The performances of Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, and the remarkably resilient Gloria Romero, were all very well-done - filled with touching understatement rather than the unfortunately more familiar historionics of much Filipino drama. Most poignant for me in the film was the way in which Philippine provincial life was captured in convincing detail. From the pervasive roar of tricycles and the competing tilaok of roosters to the fragmented stone and root stairs leading to their home to the tire strewn rusty corrugated tin roofs to the delightful chatter and noise of the palengke, Magnifico was, for me, a wonderfully accurate portrait of home. Despite some minor problems with the film and an emotionally over-the-top ending, I enjoyed watching Magnifico.

Keith W (fr) wrote: its magicgreat movie

Anthony V (ru) wrote: Opening has some good comic moments, but then it develops into a touching story.

Aaron H (nl) wrote: One of my favorite party movies. Great look at the rave culture in its prime

Orlok W (au) wrote: Grainy, Gritty And A Great Story--Love, Crime, Disappointments & Dreams!!

Charles M (us) wrote: Jackie Gleason was never appreciated as much as he deserved as an actor. Steve McQueen was of course a top performer and was well acknowledged as such. This is a terrific movie that shouldn't be missed Until that time Eustis...Until that time

Ken H (us) wrote: A timeless, beautful, haunting tale of devotion in the midst of a strict, unforgiving society. Mizoguchi is by far one of the greatest directors of all time.

Megan L (mx) wrote: A good movie, with impressive dance numbers. Although Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's film Swing Time, is much more memorable.

Tamsin P (fr) wrote: Distractingly sexist, the only thing worth enjoying about You Only Live Twice is the music.

Anthony B (gb) wrote: The movie starts off by showing the lives of two families. One is a straight cut family from a Coast Guard father named Frank. He has Eight Children. There are strict rules in this house that keep the family in line. Next it shows Helen and her Ten child family. She is a single mother who has six adopted children. Her family seems to have more love involved rather than rules. Helen and Frank get married almost immediately after they meet. They used to be high school sweet hearts. There will be eighteen children and two parents living in a light house together. This step family cannot stand each other. They want nothing to do with any of them and just want to be away from each other. Frank and Helen each have two different parenting styles, this makes them butt heads constantly when it comes to disciplining children. For instance, Franks thinks it is okay to spank the children, however, Helen thinks people need to talk. The children make a plan to break apart Frank and Helen. When this plan works and the couple decide to split up, the children realize how much they actually care about each other in the end. The movie was funny at times, but it was all predictable and dry in most parts of the movie.