Love Me Till Monday

Love Me Till Monday

A young woman who has recently finished university is working a dead-end office job whilst looking for 'the one'. Why can't she find the man of her dreams?

A young woman who has recently finished university is working a dead-end office job whilst looking for 'the one'. Why can't she find the man of her dreams? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love Me Till Monday torrent reviews

Grant W (kr) wrote: The first film I have seen where it feels like parts of my brain have bled and flowed out through my ear canal and onto the floor.I only have five words to perfectly define this film:Vapid, mean, ugly, unfunny, and stupid.Few films manage to piss me off with their lowbrow sense of "humour" and this one does.Everybody involved in this project should be ashamed and embarrassed about themselves because they have contributed time into something that is not qualified to be a comedy...let alone something to watch for 1 hour and 20 minutes.These films need to stop being produced because entertainment is made for the sake of entertaining us as human beings; not as pieces of filthy frigging garbage.So yes, this film qualifies for being one of the worst comedies (and possibly films) that I have wasted my precious time on. There is no need for you to subject yourself to this film because you, the viewer, deserve to be treated with something smarter, funnier, and more respectful.Hell, this review has taken more time and effort to write out than the writing that is present in this film.

Wrik S (gb) wrote: A really good movie that could have been a lot better, especially if the writer involved here, wouldnt have written such a shaby script and whole set of dialogues, towards the first half of the movie...

Ian M (mx) wrote: Wow... The first half set it up alright. Then badly acted with shite effects & really bad acting cannibals (nearly as bad as the main actors)... Just shocking! But for the acting? Not the content. Cannibal Holocaust is needed to be watched instead. This is just an awful pile of shite so steaming you will whiff it very quickly!

Rosa B (fr) wrote: I suppose it was entertaining. Not boring, but not interesting. If you're bored, watch it, but to me, most of the acting was off. There was funny stuff though!

M Sean M (es) wrote: Saw this a long time ago. Through it was great. Want to see it again.

Kevin B (kr) wrote: Despite lukewarm recommendations from two friends and Netflix, I thought this was a lot of fun. It's weird seeing a white man play an Asian in 1985, but Joel Gray and his character of the Korean martial arts expert (who hates anyone and anything that isn't Korean, except for American soap operas) was respectful and funny. His relationship with Remo was great, though I'm a sucker for training sequences. Too bad this was never followed up with a series of films.

Joe M (es) wrote: I recently revisited some Sally Field movies..this is one of the best, look at the star power Sally Field, Danny Glover, John Malcovich, Ed Harris and Lindsey Crouse..The story is great..dealing with the racism of the time.Malcovich is superb as the border... the art direction is almost scary its so real...a must see again

Somsit A (us) wrote: I want to watch the Next season

Evan H (ca) wrote: a pretty good movie about a man and a woman sharing the same man.

Wes L (kr) wrote: Great, great film about black life in America.

Vini D (fr) wrote: I knew this wasn't gonna be the godfather waking into it. One of the best action fighting movies I've seen in the last 2 decades.