Love N' Dancing

2002: Jake Mitchell is the defending World West Coast Swing Champion. He's got everything going for him: looks, personality, and style. He's at the top of his game when he and his partner ...

. . He's at the top of his game when he and his partner . He's got everything going for him: looks, personality, and style. 2002: Jake Mitchell is the defending World West Coast Swing Champion

Love N' Dancing is a great movie of Tom Malloy. The released year of this movie is 2009. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, Nicola Royston, Caroline Rhea, Leila Arcieri, Rachel Dratch, Betty White, Alexandra Andrews, Purva Bedi, Frank Bond, Shane Crown, Jennifer Dunstan, Elise Eberle, Pamela Finley. Movie' genres are Romance. This movie was rated by 5.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Anthony A (au)

Although I did love this film, I was just wondering, why did they make it computer-animated instead of live-action like the previous Stuart Littles though?

Bill M (kr)

For a longer rant on why Archie Bunker, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Frank Burns work and Woodpecker and The Foot Fist Way do not, call me. Was passable as a one-note, but careens horribly off the rails when our protagonist becomes the butt of the joke instead of its vessel

Clinton W (ag)

Really enjoyed it. Great movie

Darci M (nl)

How can anyone not think this movie is a hilarious?!?! "

Donald D (gb)

Full of absurd puns and ridiculous gymnastics. There's an anti-consumerist, anti-corporate message only hidden from the children that wanted to go see it, but it seems critics have only latched onto the fact that the parents aren't around, not that they're tools of the villains. It's not a good movie, but it's everything one wants from a cheesy, 90s TV show turned into a feature film

Harry W (de)

t's a lot like lord of the flies with a little more gun action, therefore a film up for interest. Good acting from the voice of americas sons. Savage, brutal, confronting and well done

Jack G (ca)

strange and a bit stupid

Jake S (de)

if you love walk the line you will definately enjoy this one

Jennifer E (us)

not that I have forgotton. . . Watching this film reminded me of some of my own childhood traumas. It was also interesting to see all of the people come out in the last scene. I felt that the cat dream was perfect for what was going on inside of her. one, where it flashed into her mind, and several of the little girls were sitting in the same room, doing different things. . . There were a few scenes which I found to be disturbing. It is a wonder that so many people who have a troubled childhood do not develop this sad disorder. MPD is a very mysterious thing, and some people who are overly religious may think of it as possession. It was long and slow, but interesting. Well, I'd wanted to see this for years, and I do have the book

Matt M (it)

Furthermore, Diary of a Country Priest has this feeling of being a powerfully human film, whether it is taken as one of the most compelling on screen representations of priesthood even to this day, or whether it is takes more simply as the story of a man seeking salvation. Bresson's film is structured in a very influential way and photographed masterfully, in a way that makes the film looks wonderful but tastefully stands back and avoids being obtrusive on the film's storyline and meaning. The chronicles of the life of a Priest in a small French country town