Love on Line (LOL)

Love on Line (LOL)

Love Online (LOL) is a modern comedy featuring the story of Samson (Vic) and Lily (Paula)—two individuals with different cultural backgrounds who managed to forge a connection through the Internet.

Tot(Jose Manalo) spends a lot of time using BookFace, a social networking site wherein he has high hopes of finding the girl of his dreams. This is where he becomes friends with Paula(Paula... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric G (mx) wrote: Another Indian rom com. The premise was interesting: an Indian girl and an Indian guy meet in London, spend a day together, obviously fall in love but live in different places. Meet again in Paris a year or 2 later. Fall in love again. And finally meet in NY, and ... you get the picture. It's only 1h40 but feels more like 2h. There is even an interlude, like in the long Bollywood films. The break is needed to get a respite from the series of scenes which are not very interesting. The film combines the least appealing elements of Hollywood and Bollywood. What is more interesting is the evolution of Bollywood films, with their rapid change of what is acceptable on screen. Not so long ago, kissing was prohibited. It's becoming more common. This one is the first where they openly have sex before marriage, with some close-ups of naked flesh. I wasn't expecting this! And of course the usual Bollywood songs are peppered all along. As expected, nice images from London, Paris and NY. And a few mild cliches about French people... but I liked that they found vin chaud on the street, very unsual...

Steven L (mx) wrote: In trying to disassociate the movie from the protagonist, I have to give it an exceptional rating. It is a great documentary.As for the teacher depicted, though his methods get results, the ends do not justify the means. After seeing this movie, I would not subject my kids to his rantings.

I Luv my life and no 1 can take that away (gb) wrote: make a quiz please I loved this movie growing up it is the best !!

Johnny D (mx) wrote: nice twist at the end, but i didnt like the way toshiro's character was just a drunk. he didnt reflect his 'yojimbo' character in the actuall sanjuro/yojimbo movies.

Jose P (ca) wrote: One of the great movies for sheer entertaining value. It starts as an intriguing heist movie, but with some wildly creative plot devices becomes a phenomenal romantic comedy with a great duo in the lead. This in one of my favorite of Caine's roles, and Shirley MacLaine holds up just as admirably. It may lack any real motivation behind it outside of cheap thrills, but when said thrills are pulled off so well, then all I can say is bravo.

Stan D (ru) wrote: One of the great, vastly underrated soap operatic love stories, between Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak, who are married to other people. With Walter Matthau, Barbara Rush, and Ernie Kovacs.

Mad M (de) wrote: Not bad, not great. Just a basic, easy to watch hacker thriller. There is nothing that stands out.

Film C (kr) wrote: A vaguely amusing sequel!

Jon E (kr) wrote: Paranormal Activity is an alternative take on the standard horror film. With a more grounded premise, it differs from conventional horror in that it is both more plausible and more typical of human response to the vast majority of horror films. The sequels leave much to be admired, but this feature helped to usher in change in the horror genre. It has, unfortunately, led to some terrible derivatives but does capture interest and leave the viewer enveloped. Though the concept will irritate, or simply just not work for some, it is certainly worth viewing if not to experience something a little different in the genre. The film builds at a reasonable pace and leaves the viewer somewhat satisfied during its climax. A must watch for horror and paranormal fanatics.

Jared L (ca) wrote: Voldemort at his finest, and with Gatsby at the helm, this ship is unsinkable.