Love on Sunday

Love on Sunday

Akira had to transfer schools upon graduation because of her father's job. She was reluctant to move because of her secret love for Nao...

Akira had to transfer schools upon graduation because of her father's job. She was reluctant to move because of her secret love for Nao, a childhood friend. Nao, however, is head over heels... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (ru) wrote: The bar is set so high for a 'The Office' follow-up that it was always going to be really difficult to match. Gervais is still as awkward and inappropriate as ever, but part of the problem is that this is all centered around musical-comedy - it's not set in an office, so Gervais is hoping the ill-suited lyrics act as most of the jokes. There is still a few laughs - the tattoo is the best - but most of it falls a little flat. Nice ending, which saves it from being fully depressing!

Emod L (ca) wrote: 82%Though the subtlety it promises is inconsistent, The Best Offer is a thrilling, twisty drama held high by Rush's performance.V: 65%

Dennis L (nl) wrote: Dark and twisted. Tells a great story of two teenagers trying to survive the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami.

Raul F (it) wrote: your to critical of it relax n open your mind and you would enjoy it more

Kelly D (es) wrote: average not as good as some other movies like this

Johnny R (us) wrote: i can honestly say this was my first time sitting through the whole film. and i know why i never finished. terrieble. ..I'll probably go see the new one. hopefully its better than this crap

Lauri H (ca) wrote: LOIIIISTAVA!!! Van Damme vet pataan ei tll kertaa vaan yht roskasakkia vaan perti 2!!Dusk Till Dawn trilogiasta tuttu Danny Trejo nyttelee intiaania!!

Corey W (de) wrote: I thought the movie was funny, but something about Dan Aykroyd annoys me.

Lance L (ag) wrote: There was not much fighting, but it caught my eye when the final fight started.

Evan K (ru) wrote: Godard does another fun job of throwing a bunch of ideas in a masher. Well... i've seen it twice and the second time it wasn't so complex feeling, 'cause, ya' know, he mostly just quotes Mao and others and very little seems original when not repetitive. Though I enjoy it because I'm a philosophy geek, I would say this film is terribly unsuccessful for most viewers and uses too many similar shots compared to his previous films like "Contempt" and "My Life to Live."

Sinee L (jp) wrote: 'Cause you're sensational, sensational That's all, that's all, that's all

Gareth D (gb) wrote: Lovely and very likeable. Glad I gave it a second viewing. Grandpa rocks!

Karsh D (mx) wrote: a young detective is kidnapped by a serial killer. decent thriller

Jason L (es) wrote: Not as worthy as the original, but a highly watchable B-Movie. Plus it features Clint Eastwood in his 20s.

John Eric D (mx) wrote: It is a perfect example of an artsy film combined with over the top martial arts. The first thing I noticed here is the superb cinematography. Widest setting from China to some deserted land. It is visually stunning at some point. The fight scenes are well choreographed, just don't expect any realism in the fighting sequences. It's like watching a Wushu type of martial arts combined with some harmonic Chinese theme in the background. It's a gracefully made martial arts film. There's more fantasy to it actually, like they are flying around like ninjas on hyper mode. The story is about this young woman, who is obsessed in this sword called the green destiny, but is also in cahoots with the evil Jade. This evil Jade and this warrior named Li Mu Bai, has some collision in the past. Dynasty vs. another dynasty. I thought, this is a very long story, but they fitted in a short 2 hour film. It could have been better, if this film splits into two parts. Has some romantic parts in it, has some cool fights actually, by means of well choreographed sword fights. By all accounts, Ang Lee proves he can make such beautiful art and house drama and martial arts action at the same time. 4/5.